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Palm Oil and Petroleum and Deforestation…oh my!

This past Friday I got back from spending 8 days in the middle of the Amazon rain forest. The first 3 days were spent in a small town called Limoncocha. To get there, we took a bus to the airport in Quito then a 30 minute plane ride to the town of Coca. From there … Continue reading »

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A week among the clouds

Well if there is a place that is the complete opposite of the Páramo, it is the cloud forest. It may not be rainy season, but it was wet, warm, and surrounded by everything green. After we crossed the continental divide (on one side rivers flow to the Atlantic and on the other side the … Continue reading »

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From 2800 meters to 4000 meters

The city of Quito sits at 2800 meters (a little over 9000 feet) which is already at a high altitude but for our first overnight excursion we traveled to an ecosystem called the Páramo which is right below the snow level of the Andes mountains at 4000 meters (approximately 13,000 feet). Now, to put that … Continue reading »

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