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Hello. My name is Mae, and the place I’m located in is Prague. I came here to study filmmaking at a school called FAMU, which loosely translates to “University for Film and TV Arts”. And you’re either here because you’re either interested in coming to Prague or studying film. Or you might just be interested in me personally, that would be a pleasant surprise. I’ll be attempting to write posts catered to each of these interests, usually with pictures, because I like taking those. First, a few quick introductions to where I am and what I’m doing.








Prague is the capital of the Czech Republic, which I have determined to be the hipster capital of central Europe – nobody knows anything about it! I couldn’t have pointed it out on a map before I came here. Lots of people still think it’s called Czechoslovakia, which hasn’t been true for 25 years. And without using Wikipedia, name a famous Czech. If you did, welcome to the 1%.

After you’ve found Prague on the map, it’s a great place to live. Not too expensive, wonderfully convenient public transport system, and plenty of beautiful locations not marred by Eiffel-Tower-sized tourist mobs. A number of great historical period films, like Amadeus, were shot here, because the beautiful old buildings didn’t get bombed quite as badly as some other European cities during the second World War. Speaking of Amadeus, why did I come to this particular country? The Czechs have a proud history of filmmaking, and you may already know the work of the most famous Czech filmmaker – if not his nationality. Milos Forman became world famous for directing One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s NestHair, and Amadeus. And he went to FAMU. The school that I’m going to right now. Coincidence? Maybe.












The film program here for international students is fantastic! This is especially nice because I was short on other options. When I asked my trusted Wofford Study Abroad advisor, Kyle, what film studies programs Wofford had connections to, he told me we had exactly one. But that’s all we need!  FAMU strives to keep my artsy bohemian ego in check by constantly challenging me. My main project is to produce one original short film, and they demand that I put exhaustive effort into every part of it. And I that’s why I highly recommend this place to the film students among you – if you want to be complimented on your work, stay home. If you want to be driven to outdo yourself every day because no one in the school has time to waste on your mediocrity – come here. All my classmates and professors are talented filmmakers working their butts off to make something worth watching, and I’m all about that. This program just happens to also be in an awesome city, too. Based on these first two weeks, I highly recommend it.



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