The 3 week mark!

Hope everyone had a good weekend!
This past Monday through Wednesday was my short study tour with my core course class I told yall about. Monday we started in Odense, Denmark, hometown of the famous Hans Christian Andersen (writer of The Little Mermaid and numerous other children fairy tales). We visited the H.C. Andersen children’s hospital there. We got a tour of the neo natal unit and got to meet 2 babies, one with an intestinal issue and one with a neurological issue. The second baby with the neurological issue was a twin. He was the second twin born sometime after the first; during birth he did not receive ample amount of oxygen and because of this he experienced some brain damage and will be mentally retarded when he grows up. He looked like such a normal, healthy baby and it was difficult to think how hard of a life he would have when he grows up. Tuesday, we visited an art museum in Aarhus, Denmark and then had a tour of a general practitioner’s office. General practitioners in Denmark are pretty similar to those in the states. Wednesday, we had a tour of an oncology department of a hospital in Aalborg, Denmark. It was a long 3 days of constant traveling but was a lot of fun to get outside of the normal classroom and get to learn about what I really want to do for the rest of my life!
This weekend was very anti climatic! Friday we had a social at a cafe downtown for my core course – it gave us medical practice and policy students a chance to get to know one another more! Saturday, I pretty much stayed in bed most of the day… which was nice because I havent had much of a chance to do that since ive been here! Today, I went and joined a gym that is about a 3 minute walk from my apartment – trying to stay in shape while abroad!
I am excited for my core course class tomorrow; we are going to a different hospital to learn how to perform and use ultrasound equipment!
That is about all that has happened in my life here in Copenhagen, hope all is well with everyone back home!
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Just a little update!

Hello Everyone!

I figured it was time to update yall on how my semester was going so far! I have officially been here 2 weeks and it feels like a lifetime! It was for sure overwhelming the first week but after having my first full week of classes I am starting to get into a routine, which is nice. I can tell you one thing, it is COLD here! It has been snowing off and on the past week which is surprising unusual for this time of year in Copenhagen. I know one thing is for sure I am not cut out for cold weather, i could never live somewhere permanently at this climate! The lack of sunshine has been one of the hardest things for me to adjust to that I was not expecting! The sun rises here around 8:30 and sets around 4:30. And by sun i mean just a grey cloudy light, I have yet to see the actual sun since I have been here! My favorite thing about this place so far is the Architecture, I never get tired of looking around! My classes are getting off to a good start, they all seem manageable so far…. at least they hopefully will be! My favorite one so far is my “core course” class – Human Health and Disease. For this class I travel about 30 minutes outside the city center to Roskilde, Denmark where my class takes place in Roskilde Hospital. It is taught by 2 danish physicians, both who have specialized in Ophthalmology. So far we are in the process of learning how to give a clinical examination to a patient. I can tell it is going to be so much than I would ever get in an undergraduate course in the states. This coming week is called “core course week”. We spend all of this coming week with just our core course class. Monday through Wednesday we are traveling to Skanderborg and Aalborg, Denmark. We are touring a Children’s hospital and an Oncology wing of another hospital as well as getting time to explore the cities. We will be looking at differences in health care systems of eastern and western Denmark. I am looking forward to this trip! I received my first piece of mail at my apartment the other day from my Nana Soucy and Grampy, that was exciting!
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Greetings From Copenhagen!

I have officially been in Copenhagen for one week and a day now. I have gotten off to a slow start with my blogging due to being so busy and getting used to my new surroundings. I am starting to get into a routine though, which is nice. I live in a Living and Learning Community (LLC) for public health about 25 minutes outside of the Copenhagen city center. The commute is not completely terrible, its about a 15 minute bus ride and 5-10 minutes of walking. I can tell you this much, I don’t think I have ever walked this much in my life – I am definitely getting a workout in everyday! It also snowed quite a lot for Copenhagen standards last night, so commuting in the snow and very cold weather is something that I am definitely not used to, but hey, you only grow when you push yourself outside your comfort zone!  All of my classes seem pretty manageable so far; I think my favorite one is going to be my “core course” class: Medical Practice and Policy. For that class I travel about 30-40 minutes outside the city center to Roskilde Hospital is the Roskilde region of Denmark. My class is taught by 2 physicians, both who specialized in ophthalmology. I can tell it is going to be a very hands on curriculum, nothing like we would be able to do during undergraduate back in the states.  So far we have learned some about how to give a clinical examination. Next week is core course week where we spend the whole week with our core course class. We will travel to two other cities in eastern and western Denmark to visit hospitals and learn about their public health systems. On a side note me and my friend Brooke booked a trip to Paris in two weeks! I am very much looking forward to that!

Until next time,


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