So many things to think about…

Posted by on November 12, 2012

Alright, I will warn you now that this entry is going to be very random.

Firstly, The french have redeemed themselves today, as you recall my last post was how they didn’t help an old man who fell. Well, today another old man fell because its been raining and all the sidewalks are very slick. Anyway, a lot of people came to his aid and helped him up and made sure he was ok. I would like to think that this is the normal reaction and the other day was just a bizarre group of people. Anyway, they have redeemed themselves in my eyes.

Secondly, there are many things that people don’t think about when they decide to study abroad. One being the massive amount of time away from friends and family. Four months is a long time, and some people do an entire year! Anyway, today has been one of those days that has made me really think about how long I’ve been away. Why? Well, before I left for France I had started doing Crossfit. If you don’t know what Crossfit is, you should look in to it. Its a lot of fun and will get you in shape in no time! Anyway, not the point. The people I do crossfit with are a truely great bunch. They have good attitudes and morals. It was a nice break from the drama you find at school. But back to my point. Today, I learned that one of the Crossfit babies (a couple at crossfit had a baby) died. She was only 7 months old and I’m not even sure of the circumstances. When I left the US she was getting stronger and from what I had heard everyone anticipated a happy ending. Now, I know what babies, its never certain, but I didn’t even know that Baby Kirby was even back in the hospital, much less that she was in fact that sick. Well, my point is, I am watching all of my friends from Crossfit gather round this amazing couple and help them through this truely rough time and I feel helpless because I am in France. This brings me to my next point. If you study abroad, make sure you say good-bye to everyone before you leave. You never know what will happen in the next four months.

I guess today has made me think a lot about my choices and why I choose to do what I do. I don’t like being in France while my family and friends are in the US. But on the same note, this is an experience I will remember for the rest of my life and I am having fun. Im not saying any of this to change peoples mind about studying abroad. I do in fact think it is the BEST way to learn a language but when you make the decision, give it a lot of thought. I know that when I return to the US many things will have changed. And as some people have told me, I am sure I will have a new whole culture shock when I return. Well, I am going to continue my study abroad experience. Until next time.

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  1. has kids will travel

    When you return you might be surprised how much hasn't change… However, you will have changed and I think for the better. Hang in there!