Short but hilarious story

Posted by on September 6, 2012

Living with children is difficult. As you know if you have been reading my blogs, I live with a 5 yr old girl and her mother. It is difficult. In France, they don’t spank their children and there are very few rules. One day, I came home from school and it was the little girl’s birthday (her name is Carla). So anyway, it was Carla’s birthday so she had another girl over to play and her grandparents were here and all that. Well I was stopped outside but her mom (Cecile) who told me to sit down and eat cake and what not with them. So I did and it was fine, I thought I had missed the party because I was at school. But then the mother said she was going to prepare dinner and so, I hadn’t missed anything. Anyway, im getting side tracked. About an hour in to the party the two girls come outside and start playing in the new princess castle Carla got for her birthday. I look over and both girls have masscara and eye liner all over their faces. They had eyeliner on their cheeks, eyelids, mouths, foreheads, everywhere. I asked them where they got the eyeliner and they looked at me and said, “O its yours but you weren’t here to help us so we did it ourselves. Aren’t we pretty?” And at this, the grandmother stood up, yelled something in French (that I couldn’t understand at all but im guessing wasn’t nice) and sat down. They of course apologized and went about playing. A few minutes later, the dog (a black labrador) comes out sporting bright red lipstick on his nose and bright red finger nail polish on his paws. Once again the grandmother tells the girls to come here and explain why they were in my things and they look at her and says, “We weren’t in Lisa’s things. You said not to do that, so instead we got mommy’s nail polish and your lipstick and now Richelieu (the dog) is pretty too! We are all princesses now!”

So that is my most recent story. It was very hilarious. I couldn’t even be mad because they looked so funny and at least they were princesses. (Not to mention they didn’t use my stuff on the dog.)

So until the kid gets in my stuff again, this is all i have for you!

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  1. Has kids will travel

    Get a pad lock for your back pack! LMAO!