In organic but all I hear is french

Posted by on July 29, 2012

So guys, this is my first post and I’m still trying to figure out how to use all of this stuff but here goes nothing.

I’m currently still in the US taking organic chemistry. So i sit in class for about five hours a day and have tests every monday. You’re thinking, this has nothing to do with study abroad what are you talking about (hold on, Im getting there). I was sitting in class listening to another one of Dr. Bass’s fun filled lectures (but seriously if you come to Wofford take him!), and I was thinking O my word, I leave the country for four months in a few weeks. This was a huge revelation and so I quickly got out my phone and texted my dad. I said when does my flight leave? When do I arrive? (he bought the tickets without consulting me -.-) and so in a fit of panic and basic hysteria, I am still…. sitting in class. My dad texts me back saying I was freaking out for no reason and to just focus on organic (easier said than done). But anyway, the study abroad advisors suggested we blog before we leave so you guys can know how we prepared. I dont know if my freak out sessions are normal or not but I thought it was worth sharing. Other than freaking out, I have done nothing. I have freaked out a few times about the flight and being so far from my parents for such a long time but other than the freak outs, nothing.

Back to class, Dr. Bass likes to make jokes in class and it is all fair game. Race, religion, gender, sexuality, he hits them all which I supposed if you are joking to joke about one group why not joke about them all so no one is too too offended… But he started teaching in french one day with a HORRIBLE accent. Now, organic is hard enough but in french?! I was thinking o my word I’m never going to survive living in France and understanding all these people! (This is freak out number 2 if you’re counting) And so Im currently taking organic but it is sometimes taught in all sorts of languages (my favorite is south mississippi).

So I think this is an abrupt place to stop but alas, I have told you about my freak outs and will post more as the time of departure draws nearer.

3 Responses to In organic but all I hear is french

  1. Deep Sangani

    You need to calm down. Its gonna be alright!

  2. Hannah Comstock

    Stop freaking out! The French are great people!

  3. Has kids will travel

    HA, Ha, ha! I went to Italy the 1st time I went abroad… That was the start of a fantastic love for travel! Before you know it, you will be carting your kids all around the world with you 😀 I spent a summer in France and didn't even speak the language (this I don't recommend btw) You will have a fabulous time and if you need help I might have a friend or 2 that can help you out! You will love it – Enjoy!!!