Bonjour à tous!

I wrote the following a few days ago, but was not able to post it to my blog because of a 15 minute limit on the public wifi…better late then never, oui? Enjoy!

Tuesday, January 7th | 12:00pm

As I write this post, I am nearing my fourth hour in L’aéroport de Paris-Charles-de-Gaulle and my 32nd hour without sleep. But the fact that I am here is a great triumph in and of itself. Despite delayed and cancelled flights, I have safely arrived on time or à l’heure…for the most part. In two hours, I will board my train to Bordeaux and arrive just in time for dinner.

To say that I “speak French” would be a bit of a stretch. I know enough to pry myself out of sticky situations, but as the French would say, I have beaucoup à apprendre. In other words, I have much, much to learn. However, I am anxiously awaiting the start of this semester-long adventure.

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