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Last day at LA@W

Written By: Anna Hurd - Jul•13•12

It’s hard to believe the inaugural year of the Language Academy ends today. We’ve had such an amazing program made possible by our phenomenal students. We hope to see some familiar faces again next year!

Artists in the Making!

Written By: Michelle Stinson - Jul•12•12

Resident Assistant Amy led her French students in a lesson on Impressionism yesterday during activities period. She explained the stylistic elements in different works from Claude Monet and demonstrated the impressionist technique which includes small brush strokes to create a larger picture, some form of natural light, and movement to express human life. Then, the students were able to create their own piece. Look at our budding artists below!










Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?

Written By: Michelle Stinson - Jul•12•12

Yesterday, the Spanish Academy took a field trip to Arcadia Elementary School, a local elementary school with a large hispanic population, to volunteer with the Boys and Girls Club of the Upstate. They had been preparing all week for their time with the kids, and had lots planned, including performing The Three Little Pigs in Spanish (Los Tres Cerditos)!  Christine, the girl’s RA, led the creative costume effort and her diligence certainly paid off: check out those pig noses below! Two of our students served as narrators, while the rest of the Spanish Academy acted out the classic story.  Afterwards, our students led the Arcadia students in “Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes” and the “Hokey Pokey” which was a huge hit!  The trip proved to be an interactive and learning experience for all!

See that raised hand? Our narrator asked, "Does everyone know what's going on here?" to clarify their Spanish performance and the Arcadia student answered "Those pigs are gonna die!!!" Obviously, he was not familiar with the story!


Performing "Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes" for the Arcadia students.



Behind the Scenes at LA@W

Written By: Anna Hurd - Jul•10•12

Tucked away in the back of Olin Building, the office at LA@W is a place where the staff can plan, meet, prepare, and organize their thoughts. The teachers and language directors chat together about lesson plans and scoop up materials for their cultural projects. The residence life staff plan fun events, create vocabulary sheets for every new activity (although Le Frisbee doesn’t quite translate!), and have daily staff meetings. Michelle and I ensure everyone has eveything they need to make every single day here a fun, engaging day in language. A few times a week, we get lucky and a roaming Spanish or French class comes in for an interview (and sometimes a snack)!  LA@W is a great place to work!

Celebrating the 4th in our Red, White, and Blue!

The infamous to-do list on the white board!


Let’s Do Tie-Dye!

Written By: Michelle Stinson - Jul•10•12

Both the French and the Spanish Academies came together to tie-dye t-shirts for their afternoon activities with the RAs. They all had a great time as they put their creative caps on and designed their own shirts!

Baguette & Co.

Written By: Michelle Stinson - Jul•10•12

Last Saturday the French Academy took a field trip to Baguette and Company to see first-hand how baguettes are made! This field trip was just the beginning of their cultural activities for Saturday as later that evening, Madame Lainé’s husband came to show the students how to make their own crepes!



Vamos al Supermercado!

Written By: Michelle Stinson - Jul•10•12

For Monday’s cultural activity, the Spanish Academy took a field trip to El Supermercado el Rey to shop for the groceries that they will use to make arroz con pollo this Wednesday. In order to find certain ingredients, the students used what they have learned in class to ask for the ingredients! 


Karaoke, Part II

Written By: Michelle Stinson - Jul•10•12

Last Saturday the Spanish Academy took a trip to Corona’s Mexican Restaurant to put their skills to the test and order their food in Spanish! After enjoying the delicious food and each other’s company, the students showcased their singing abilities through karaoke!


Running of the Bulls

Written By: Michelle Stinson - Jul•10•12

“El encierro” or “The Running of the Bulls” is one of the most well know aspects of Pamploma culture. Our students decorated pañuelos to get in the Spanish spirit and then acted out their own running of the bulls. Sr. Cowart put together a video depicting the famous San Fermín festival!

French-African Culture

Written By: Anna Hurd - Jul•10•12

The first week of the French Academy was spent learning about French-African culture, particularly Rwandan dance and cooking. Angelique, a current Wofford student from Rwanda, taught the students how to make traditional beignets in her apartment in the Village. She also began to teach them a Rwandan dance!

Mdme. Adams-Laine’s class memorized a traditional french animal fable and Mlle. Hendricks’ class wrote their own fable. Both classes came together to perform their fables with the African masks they had created. You’ll see the fable presentation during our graduation ceremony on Friday!




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