Fall Break

Posted by on October 21, 2012

Currently we are on our Fall Break for MIC. However, by the looks of it I will be spending my break sleeping, working out, and getting ahead on homework for next week. I have been looking at my friend’s blogs that are currently studying abroad in Europe, and they all have had amazing opportunities to travel during their breaks. Well I could go to different places within China, but they recommend that I do not go far away by myself, and there’s the problem. A lot of people in my program, keep in mind my program only has ten people, do not feel like getting out of Beijing or they say it’s too expensive. Well I feel like we are studying abroad and we should try to look at new places, and the only place we have really seen is the capital of China. (Even though we went on a class trip to Luoyang)
I am absolutely envious for my friends studying in Europe, who can now say they have been to multiple countries in Europe. Also I wish I could dye my hair brown, and have a little darker skin…So I would not stand out so much. This would help if I was traveling by myself. I have seen so many guys here that are staying in the same dorm as us, the international student dorm, go on backpacking trips. I would love to do that, however, none of the people in my group really seem like they like camping or the outdoors…and ultimately I am a female, and I should not be traveling by myself.
It is the second day of Fall Break, and I have already done homework yesterday and today, that is not due until a week from Monday. Any ideas of what I can do on my fall break in Beijing?

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  1. Lindsley Harner

    Hang in there! All the students should make the most of their time in China.