Greetings Ladies and Gentlemen of the Internet

Posted by on August 29, 2017

Hey! This semester, I, Jackson Carter, will be periodically be blogging about my adventures as I study abroad. I realize calling them adventures now seems a bit presumptuous, but I will do my best to seem interesting while writing.

So we are entering the third week of my 6 week stay in Paris, and it has already been incredible. I am doing a homestay, and have gotten to know my new family well. My French sister, Alba, has done everything to make me feel at home. On our first day, it took a whole 2 hours before we watched the Game of Thrones episode I missed. She and her sister have had plenty of French friends over, and I already feel like a local. I’ve been tossing out ‘bonjours’ and “mercis” all week.

This first block, I am taking a class about the architecture and culture of Paris and a class on 19th century French literature. I get to walk around Paris every day and learn what makes the buildings unique and easily identifiable. It’s amazing. And then, yeah, the other one I read old French books. It’s the first time I’ve said Balzac in a class and not been allowed to laugh. But we even get to do field trips in that class, and spent a few hours exploring the “Arcades” of Paris.

So far, it’s been amazing. I will check in soon, especially if my adoring fans request it.

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