Howdy, Internet or, brief bits of advice for abroad

Welcome back to my blog, a haven of international musings in a sea of political musings. I am not used to the weekly blog, and instead will periodically update when I have things to add. I thought I would use this blog to give some general impressions from my first three weeks in a French home.
My first advice is to DO A HOMESTAY. I got lucky, and am able to do a homestay, an apartment, and a dorm because of my program. I understand why someone wouldn’t want to do three months in someone’s home, but If you can do it for a period, you should. But why?
First of all, you save money. I get 5 homecooked meals a week plus breakfasts, made by a real french person out of (presumably) French ingredients. There is food from all over, but you get real food and it feels like real France. AND it’s free.
Second, you automatically have a bunch of friends from your country. I realize I got lucky, but on my first day I met 4 french people , 3 of which were around my age and all of which watch Game of Thrones. We were able to connect and learn about differences without me having to leave my house. I have met more of my homestay’s French friends and I’ve benefitted from it. We like some of the same things, we can discuss it, you can practice your French with relatively little judgement, it’s great. I am friends on snap chat with 4 Parisian experts, people who live here and do the things I do. I cannot oversell the idea of knowing people.
Again, I see that this is really particular to me, but so are apartments. You could always get paired with someone you don’t really *click* with, but I would way rather get free food and advice out of it. Worst case, someone can teach you how to use the metro.
This coming week, my homestay is hosting a dinner for all of the apartment kids. Not once have they insisted I go to the apartments to see what a French apartment is like. That should say something about which you should choose.
If anyone wants to come to dinner, let me know. We’ll get you some bread and cheese

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Greetings Ladies and Gentlemen of the Internet

Hey! This semester, I, Jackson Carter, will be periodically be blogging about my adventures as I study abroad. I realize calling them adventures now seems a bit presumptuous, but I will do my best to seem interesting while writing.

So we are entering the third week of my 6 week stay in Paris, and it has already been incredible. I am doing a homestay, and have gotten to know my new family well. My French sister, Alba, has done everything to make me feel at home. On our first day, it took a whole 2 hours before we watched the Game of Thrones episode I missed. She and her sister have had plenty of French friends over, and I already feel like a local. I’ve been tossing out ‘bonjours’ and “mercis” all week.

This first block, I am taking a class about the architecture and culture of Paris and a class on 19th century French literature. I get to walk around Paris every day and learn what makes the buildings unique and easily identifiable. It’s amazing. And then, yeah, the other one I read old French books. It’s the first time I’ve said Balzac in a class and not been allowed to laugh. But we even get to do field trips in that class, and spent a few hours exploring the “Arcades” of Paris.

So far, it’s been amazing. I will check in soon, especially if my adoring fans request it.

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Hello world!

Welcome to Wofford Blogs . This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

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