My Average Swedish Week

Living in a different city comes with new routines and schedules. Here is a look at my day to day life in Stockholm!

Every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday I have class at 10:05. I have to wake up earlier than I would at Wofford, around 8:30, so I have enough time to get ready, eat, and commute to school.

My building is the yellow one in the back. I start my days here!

My Commute

Where I live is only 20 minutes away from DIS by the Metro, or Tunnelbana. It only takes me about five minutes to walk from my housing to the train station, it’s a quick walk! After seven stops, I get off the train to get to school. The exit is right in front of my school building so it is very easy to get to class!

This is the Hornstull train station, where I start my commute every morning!
My favorite view during my commute (especially when it is sunny!) This train station is on the water!
Inside the Stadion train station (where I get off). I like seeing the rainbow every morning!

Stockholm city decorates their underground train stations in many themes. In fact, it is such a big thing that the city gives art station tours to see all the different themes!

The Facilities

Because DIS Stockholm is such a small program (we only have around 90 students total!), it does not have our own building. Instead, DIS is located inside the Royal College of Music and has four identical wings that have study spaces and classrooms. I like to use the tables to do my homework between my classes. There is also a help desk for all the students to go to for questions or help with school or anything!

The Royal College of Music, also known as KMH. DIS is on the top floors of this building.

Because DIS shares a building with KMH, there is a restaurant in the school that offers a discount on its lunches for all students! They also offer pastries, fruits, coffee, drinks, and other snacks that are easy to grab between classes. I like to treat myself to a pastry or coffee every once and a while! For lunch, I like to pack sandwiches, or any leftovers I have to save money.


I have three classes that meet Monday and Thursday, and two classes that meet Tuesday and Friday. In total, all of my classes meet twice a week, which is a nice even school schedule. In the breaks between my classes and in the evenings, I find myself doing homework. The work load at DIS is very reading heavy, so I always have assignments to be working on.

DIS has four wings that look like this. The help desk is in the back. I like to work at these tables.

A New Way of Living

Living in an apartment is a big change for me! I share an apartment with one roommate. We don’t have our own rooms, but we have our own spaces in the big room. The biggest change for me is that I have to buy my own groceries and cook my own meals instead of just going to Burwell for food! I have finally started to get into a routine of going grocery shopping when I need to after school and cooking on certain days when my class gets out. So far, my favorite thing to cook is pasta. It is easy and cheap!

I made spaghetti!
Garlic, spinach, and chicken pasta! I feel proud every time I cook!

Outside of School

When I am done with classes, I try to get into a routine of what I do with my evenings throughout the week. On Mondays and Thursdays, I get back from class later in the afternoon, around 4:30. I try to go for a run when I get back on the trails next to the water that lead to parks. Many people run there so I feel motivated and the sights are beautiful!

I found this bridge while running! It is so pretty and peaceful!

After my run, I usually cook and eat dinner before doing homework for the rest of my evening. On Tuesdays and Fridays, I get back from classes earlier in the afternoon, around 3:00. On Tuesdays I have excursions with my LLC (living learning community) that last until the evening, and on Fridays I like to spend the afternoon with friends (we like to treat ourselves to a good cafe dessert), or take a nap! Whenever the weather is nice, I like to go on walks near the water to catch the sunset!

This is a spot I found while walking that overlooks the water and city! Many people enjoy it too!

On Wednesdays, we don’t have class, but every class we take has two field studies that happen on a Wednesday sometime throughout the semester. So sometimes, I will have two field studies and be busy all day, or sometimes I will have an afternoon or morning one so I have half the day off. On some lucky days, I have the whole Wednesday off! I like to use that day to explore the city! These past few Wednesdays, I have gone to the free museums around Stockholm.

Me at the Medieval Museum! So far, it is my favorite free museum in the city!

On the weekends, I like to find fun places around the city. Most of the times, I like to walk around the main shopping streets in the middle of the city, or explore neighborhoods a little farther outside the city. One big thing I have discovered around Stockholm is flea markets! They are really big in Stockholm and are easy to find. There is only close by to where I live that happens every weekend during the fall. Here, you can find cheap clothes, handmade accessories, art, music, and food trucks! Every weekend, I go someplace new and I am happy I get to explore Stockholm every week!

A crepe food truck at the flea market. This is the cutest food truck I have ever seen! And the crepe was delicious!
A ride at Grona Lund, an amusement park on an island! I went here one weekend for fun!
Me and my new friend! I found him in Gamla Stan, also called the Old Town. It is a great place to explore!