James Detter: I’m still alive…..just a little exhausted!!

Who thought traveling to a different place or country every other day could be so time consuming??……haha I wanted to let you all know that all is well. I FINALLY have access to internet. You cannot possibly imagine how stressed that I was to deal with no internet while traveling through Germany and Italy…virtually ALONE!! I think I have it tougher than Mark Twain..he spent weeks traveling with friends and family…I on the other hand have had THE TIME OF MY LIFE. I will admit it has been extremely difficult navigating the Rhine and Rome all by myself…but I cannot express how much this trip has meant to me. Mark Twain is one heck of a man. To give you guys an update, I finished traveling along the Rhine River last Wednesday. I traveled to Cologne, Rudesheim, and Bonn. After that, I began my study of Italy and Mark Twain impressions of Italy. It has become increasingly interesting to see a shift of personality in his writing, when they come to Italy. I have to admit for me, I enjoyed my time in Germany far greater than my studies of Italy. I have always said that exploring the “true” German culture was so enriching. Don’t get me wrong Italy is just as AMAZING!! The quaint cafes, the grandeur of the Vatican, and immense Roman Ruins…all of which are worth writing home to mom about…

The thing that has really caused me a lot of stress during this trip is the uncertainty of weather, little access to internet, or simple directions (when you DO NOT SPEAK THE LANGUAGE) I have gained so much Respect for Mark Twain!! Unlike many of you all, I am constantly traveling..always on the road or in some amazing cathedral. I have found it extremely difficult to find time to write. Which I wish I could have taken Pauls advice, and written in a journal…like in the old times…. Maybe next time Paul!! I am spending these last few days working on my Presentation. I think I will focus in on one place that impacted me and Mark Twain the most, Heidelberg.

Despite the stress, I have learned so much, and feel so blessed to have had this opportunity. I look forward to telling you all about it!

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9 years ago

Glad you love Italy. For me, Italy will always trump Germany!! But Germany is lovely, and runs on time.