Louis at the Louvre


Hello, so today’s post is in regards to my second tour of the Louvre with some friends and my sister on Friday. The Louvre, as you all know, is paris’s most prominent museum and home to some of the most famous pieces off historical art work, such as the Mona Lisa and the Venus de Milo. Well the first time I went to the Louvre, I spent a few hours in the ancient African/Asian art section where I spend most of my time in the pre-Islamic/ post-Islamic era learning about the different periods in Islamic history and seeing monumental illustrations of the Abassid, Fatimid, and Moghul eras. This Friday ( which by the way, also happens to have free admission on Fridays after 6 pm!), we ventured to the French apart section and I was fortunate enough to encounter an exhibition honoring the wonderful Louis ¬†XIV, the king of classical ballet! This exhibition was titled Sculptures du Temps Louis XIV, and was basically an example of the Sun King’s time period as the ruler during the Renaissance when the classical period was so highly enamored. The strive to revive classical art is definitely depicted in this exhibition, where Louis had many talented sculptures of the time (such as Puget and Coysevox) create artwork that epitomized the Classics. One amazing example would be of the marble work by Pierre Puget, Alexandre et Diogene, honoring the great Sun King by depicting him as Alexander the Great, in full Roman geer, head to toe. The concept of this idea was to glorify the Classics and Louis By depicting him as the “new Alexander”. This imitation of classical art simply highlights the reign of Louis XIV even more so and pulls together my research of the history of ballet and the influence of Louis XIV upon it.

The Alexandre et Diogenes sculpture by Puget









Another sculpture of reverence towards the Sun King











Us girls at the Louvre!

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