Amna: Update on the Unfortunate Situation

Alright, so as I told you all yesterday that my laptop broke down.  And I was in panic mode for the past few days, to put it lightly. It has been a frustrating journey over the years with this laptop, but the only blame that I can give out to, is to myself for not immediately emailing myself my work every single day, hour, and, quite literally, minute. So today, during my break from classes, I took my laptop to fnac, which is France’s equivalent to BestBuy. what I found out after that visit confirmed the worse of my worries: yes, my laptop was beyond repair and no they couldn’t do anything about it. I left the store completely hopeless and miserable.

One good thing however, was that I somehow had sent some of my work to my DropBox, so all of my hard work wasn’t lost, seeing as how I had almost completed all of my research. I have three pages of lost notes to catch up on as well as my entire presentation, but at least I do not have to start from scratch, so I’m grateful for that.

Also, I’m going to be using my sister’s laptop for the rest of my stay here, I say that because  she accidentally blogged from my account and I just noticed it tonight.

Hopefully I’ll be in touch with you all tomorrow night! It’s going to be a long day tomorrow, me and my French group (for the French class) will be presenting our individual projects. Basically, we were being Les critiques gastronomiques and had the absolute best time going to three different boulangeries to sample Le pain Au chocolat (chocolate croissant) and le galette de roi (king cake). We bought these same two items from each of the three places and compared them, based on flavor, quality, freshness, etc. Me and my group (consisting of Sophia from Brazil and John from Korea) had a lot of fun pretending to be critics, it was a lot of fun and I made some good friends! that was definitely a good way to forget about my laptop-related worries!

A Galette de Rois from Cafe Paul. It was heavenly!!!


A Pain au Chocolat… Also quite delicious!


My precious little group!!


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