Some hump days smell like poo

Posted by on June 28, 2017

First of all, I truly apologize for my delay in posting. It has been a crazy week and a half. I started work, took a trip to Northern Ireland, and revisited the Cliffs of Moher all thanks to the Gilman Scholarship. I will tell my adventures in three sections; work, travel, and random events.

  1. Work has been absolutely incredible. The first day, I was absolutely terrified, but I got up, got ready, perfectly applied my makeup and got to work early. Because it is Ireland, I got buckets of rain dumped on me and took shelter in Starbucks. My day did quickly improve. My boss, Kevin is absolutely incredible. He is totally blind, plays football (soccer) for the national blind team of Ireland, and is the second in command of the entire charity. He is also hilarious and made sure he knew my opinions on the current American political situation. My other coworkers are incredible as well. The first week was hard as everyone was so close and I was the outsider, but soon I started to get invited for tea in the break room where little random conversations happen. I have also taken part in truly fascinating lunch conversations about the Irish education system, disability rights in Europe, and career culture in Europe. Today, I actually got to start a finance project and I love it so much. I never knew putting values into Excel could be so much fun!.
  2. Travel has played a huge role in my past two weekends. This past weekend, I went to Northern Ireland. Here I stayed in the incredible town or Portrush and with the help of my amazing friends and my cane named Isabella, I climbed some mildly intimidating rocks at Giant’s Causeway and the city by the hotel and took some pretty amazing pictures (see attached). The previous weekend, I visited the Cliffs of Moher with Audrey and Domi (they will be recurring characters in this story). While I was able to visit this location in January 2016, it was so cold and windy that I wasn’t able to enjoy it. This time, I went in nearly 70 degree weather and perfect sun. The views were spectacular, and I was finally able to take those amazing pictures. (see attached). In the coming weeks, I have a trip planned to Amsterdam, am going to a music festival in Dublin to see Mumford and Sons, and am hopefully finding a hike.
  3. Its random event time! This is probably my worst story so far in Dublin, but this story taught me to just keep smiling and things will turn out just grand. The first Wedensday of my job, I went to the grocery store after work to pick up apples. I had my bus card in my pocket and felt someone brush against me. Thinking nothing of it, I went about my business. When I left the grocery store, it turned out that my bus card and my student card were missing. To this day, im not sure if they were lost or stolen. After frantically running around in search (to no avail), calling my mom freaking out (as we all must do sometimes), and cancelling my card, I finally got on the bus. Although I can’t see, I can feel when eyes were on me. Yes, I was tearing up but not terribly loud. When I get back to campus and get my cards replaced, I am comfortably in the company of Audrey and Domi when I suddenly get asked, what is that white stuff on your bag? Thinking it was paint, I went about my business until I notice that there is more of the substance on my jacket… and in my hair! I suddenly remember standing under a building getting my bearings and feeling a drip of what I thought was leftover rain. I guess Wednesdays are for the birds?


All in all despite my crappy (hehe) first wedensday, I am truly loving it in Ireland. The people are so nice, and I feel that I am learning so much. I have never felt so much that I truly belong. I promise to write more as the weeks go on. I am eternally grateful for this opportunity, and al always appreciate a share, like, or comment!



Me sitting overlooking a cliff with my feet over the edge and my back to the camera

Me sitting overlooking a cliff with my feet over the edge and my back to the camera


Me sitting on a rock trying to do a looking over the shoulder model pose.


Left to right; Me, Audrey, and Domi sitting on a rock with beautiful blue skies, cliffs, and ocean in the background.


An action shot of me in port rush standing on rocks with the ocean behind me. i am looking down and watching my step.


me actually posing in Portrush. Still the same waves, rocks, gloomy sky, and ocean, but I am actually smiling and looking at the camera!

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  1. Carol Causby

    Holly, I can’t begin to tell you how proud I am of you. This brings a few tears to my eyes….happy tears, proud tears, and lots of other emotional tears! You are truly an amazing person and I am extremely proud to call you my daughter! I hope you have am amazing time in Ireland and bring that confidence back to Wofford! I love you!

  2. Peggy Poplin

    Great read Holly! Glad you’re having such great experiences!! Be safe and enjoy!

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