A Word from Rev. Ron

By Rev. Dr. Ron Robinson ’78, Perkins-Prothro Chaplain & Professor of Religion

10 tips from Rev. Ron during COVID-19 outbreak

A few of my chaplain friends around the country and I have been collaborating on some tips and tools to deal with the perplexing times in which we find ourselves. We have come up with several dozen items, and we’re adapting them for our campuses.

To our beloved Terrier community, now dispersed, I offer the following 10 Tips & Tools:

  1. Breathe. Breathe some more.
  2. Acknowledge your fears, anxieties, concerns. Offer them up in prayer, if you pray. Write them in your journal. Share them with others.
  3. Practice empathy. Even while avoiding close physical contact, message the people you care about. Stand with those most vulnerable.
  4. Check in on folks. Call people you love.
  5. Stay aware. But don’t not let the Corona-chaos news take all of your time.
  6. Practice kindness. Remember we are in this together.
  7. Sleep, eat and exercise.
  8. Practice gratitude. Make note of the things for which you are grateful.
  9. Connect with your spiritual or religious tradition if you have one. Find strength and solace and power in texts, rituals, practices, holy times and seasons.
  10. Practice hope. Trust in our power to conquer and prevail!

The Rev. Dr. Ron Robinson ’78, most commonly known as Rev. Ron, is Wofford’s Perkins-Prothro Chaplain and Professor of Religion. He will share words of comfort and wisdom during the coming days as our nation and campus deal with uncertainty around COVID-19.

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