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New Semester, New Ideas

Well, I really didn’t intend to take a six-week hiatus from blogging, but time does tend to slip away during the summer.  I especially wanted to keep the blog going so that anyone who actually reads this would know that Wofford’s librarians and archivists, as well as our student assistants, were hard at work this […]

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Summer in the Archives

Lest everyone think that the librarians and archivists at Wofford get the summer off, I thought it would be good to share some things that are going on in the archives this month.  Summer can be slightly quieter than the regular semester in the library, partly because the flow of students and professors slows down […]

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Welcome to the land of archives

I’ve been around Wofford for a long time for someone who’s not really that old. I came here in 1990 as a freshman, and with the exception of a few years away in graduate school, I never really left. I started working in the college archives as a sophomore. When Herbert Hucks ’34 hired me, […]

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