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Part 3 of D. F. Patterson’s alumni memories

In this segment, which runs about six and a half minutes, Mr. Patterson talks about courses and faculty members, his graduation in 1929 and those of his brothers, and how Wofford changed during the time that he, his brothers and sons attended Wofford.

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Eight Turning Points

On Thursday night, I spoke as part of a group of campus historians at the opening of the Spartanburg Regional Museum’s exhibit on higher education in Spartanburg County.  Each of us had seven minutes to share something about our college’s history.  I explained to the audience that I couldn’t really tell Wofford’s history in seven […]

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Wofford’s Fitting School

Wofford Collage's Fitting School This item came across my desk – it was written long ago by Professor W. C. Herbert, who was the headmaster of the Fitting School and also the registrar at Wofford. A hundred years ago, when Wofford College was founded, boys who went to college got their preparation in academies. And […]

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From the literary societies

I don't keep an eye on ebay quite as much as I should, but a few weeks ago, a friend mentioned an item he had seen on ebay that had a Wofford connection. I looked at it and decided it was definitely something we wanted for the collection. Of course, you all know how ebay […]

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Wofford’s Summer School for Teachers, 1910

Summer School is nothing new at Wofford.  These pages come from the bulletin of the college's 1910 summer school for teachers.   The faculty included Wofford professors, public school teachers and administrators, and professors from other colleges.  The school's purpose was largely to help public school teachers in the state's growing school system to master […]

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More little-known facts

Here are a few more little-known facts and quotes about Wofford, collected from various sources.  The first Wofford faculty member to hold the Doctor of Philosophy degree was William M. Baskervill, who studied at the University of Leipzig in Germany before coming to teach at Wofford in 1876.  Baskervill left Wofford to finish his Ph.D. […]

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A year of blogging

I started this blog just over a year ago – the first post went up on December 11 – and all told, there have been 70 entries in the past year.  It seems like this is a good time, as we move from one year to the next, to take stock of the blog's first […]

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Norton-Christmas Carol-Introduction

An annual tradition at Wofford and in Spartanburg from the mid-1920s to the 1960s was the presentation of Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol by Dr. C. C. Norton, professor of sociology, dean of the college, and one-time acting president of the college.  My Wofford Today column is about the many contributions of Dr. Norton to […]

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Norton-Christmas Carol-Conclusion

This is the concluding section of Dr. C. C. Norton's reading of A Christmas Carol, recorded in 1960 at Wofford College.

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Benjamin Wofford’s Birthday

On this day in 1780, 228 years ago, in backcountry Spartanburg County, Benjamin Wofford was born.  A lot of other things might have happened on that long ago day, including Revolutionary War skirmishes, but as far as any of us know, it was simply another day for many, with people going about the business of […]

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