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Layers of history and postcards

It’s not unusual for someone to ask me to give a tour of campus to a visitor.  When that happens, I like to start on the front steps of Main Building.  There, I can point out the layers of history on the campus.  From that spot, an observer can see elements from the original campus […]

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Methodism in Spartanburg

Some years ago, I gave a talk to the South Carolina Conference Historical Society about Methodism in Spartanburg. It is way too long to repeat here, but I want to mention just a few of the historic churches in this area that have contributed to the growth of Upcountry Methodism. On one of his 1788 […]

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The 1919-20 Glee Club

Recently someone handed me a program from the 1919-20 Glee Club.  Since I like to share documents here when I can, and especially new acquisitions, I’m posting it here.  

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William Wightman, Bishop and President

Bishop William Wightman’s career shows that Methodist clergy can wear many hats. A Charleston native, William May Wightman was born on January 29, 1808 to parents who were active Methodists. His mother was a native of Plymouth, England, and according to family legend, sat in John Wesley’s lap as a small child. Wightman graduated from […]

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Fifty Years Ago

I’ve taken a little bit of a hiatus from blogging for a few reasons. It is always a little harder to keep posting in the summer because of the combination of summer projects and vacation days. This summer was extra busy for me because I served for three months as the library’s interim director, which, […]

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The letter to Nelson Mandela

I wanted to post this earlier this year, during the international period of mourning following the death of South African President Nelson Mandela.  I knew this letter existed, but I couldn’t put my hands on it in the papers of President Joe Lesesne. Yesterday I figured out why I couldn’t find it in the Lesesne […]

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“Putting Hubby Through”

An alum contacted me recently to see if I could find a copy of one of Wofford’s “PHT” diplomas.  He couldn’t find his wife’s diploma. “PHT,” you ask?  What kind of degree is that? It stands for “putting hubby through” – and it only makes sense in a certain era, when the student body was […]

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Archivists as Connectors – or what I did at SAA

A week or so ago, I attended the annual meeting of the Society of American Archivists, the professional association for archivists of all types in the United States. The meeting is always filled with talks, panel discussions, section meetings, and the like, and it’s where we get together to exchange ideas. I always come back […]

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Doc Rock

One of the dangerous privileges of working at a place like Wofford is getting to write and talk about people I’ve never met.  It’s relatively safe to write about campus characters of several generations ago, since very few people are around who knew them and who can correct my errors.  It is a whole lot […]

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Burwell – 40 years and counting

For over 40 years, Wofford students have been eating breakfast, lunch, and dinner in the Burwell Campus Center, but few probably know who the building was named for or how it has evolved over the years. Planned in the late 1960s when the student body numbered closer to 1,000 students, the Burwell Campus Center was […]

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