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ROTC at Wofford

I’m reposting the story I wrote in the Spring 2011 Wofford Today here with some of the images – some of which didn’t make the magazine. By providing students with the opportunity to serve their country, exercise leadership on the campus, and represent the college in the community and elsewhere, ROTC has been a significant […]

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Baseball Games from 1902

The Wofford College Journal provided something of a season round-up in this June 1902 story.               Our base ball team went to Knoxville, Tenn. where they played two games with the University of Tennessee on April 25 and 26, respectively.  A local paper at Knoxville remarked that the ‚ÄúVarsity expected to live on Easy Street […]

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Students and Politics

A few weeks back, a researcher asked me if we had any records about black student activism at Wofford in the late 1960s.  I didn't turn up a lot of information, but I found a few news clippings tha I shared.   I found this one especially interesting.  Some Wofford students visited a neighboring college […]

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Fraternity Houses – from the “Old Bull Session”

I used to think the Old Black and Blue was a fairly recent innovation, but I've discovered the students enjoyed putting out a spring spoof edition of the Old Gold and Black for some time.  In one of the oral history tapes I posted recently, D. F. Patterson talked about an article in one of […]

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Literary Societies

Today has been sort of a clean-up day around my desk.  The papers had piled up – all sorts of items and files from the different aspects of my job.  The credenza beside my desk, which I got so that I'd have more room for processing papers here in my office, had turned into a […]

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Fitting School Scrapbook

This is a scrapbook maintained by Wofford Fitting School student William Hall Lander during his senior year at the fitting school.  Wofford's preparatory school, which closed in 1924, was designed to prepare high school age students for admission to Wofford.  During World War I, the student body of the fitting school and the college became […]

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Thoughts about the Class of 1960

We had our annual opening convocation earlier today, where the faculty dress in academic regalia and we gather as a community to start the academic year.  Of course, classes started 10 days ago, but ceremonially, at least now we're under way for the 157th time.   And now that things are underway, we'll soon be […]

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A letter from 1862

Here is a transcript of a letter sent by a Wofford freshman in 1862.  The original letter is below.                                  Wofford College Oct the 20th, 1862Dear Sister, For the first time since my arrival in Spartanburg, have I the opportunity of writing to you: I never was kept […]

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Student Body 1891-92

Student Body 1891-92 Originally uploaded by Wofford Archives This photo from the winter of 1891-92 shows the students in front of Main Building. Notice how many of them are wearing hats. You can see a few students sitting on the steps or in one of the doors to the building. Click on the image to […]

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Student Body 1897-98

Student Body 1897-98 Originally uploaded by Wofford Archives We're doing a lot of photo digitizing this summer in the archives, and today, I'm sharing a picture of the student body during the 1897-1898 school year. Notice the women students in the front row. In 1897, the college embarked on what proved to be a short-lived […]

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