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The 1912 Glee Club Tour

Recently a few copies of the Journal made their way to my desk, and I spotted this story about the Glee Club’s annual concert tour of South Carolina in March-April 1912, a hundred years ago.  Many alumni of the 1950s remember fondly their tours, so it was nice to see that it had a longer […]

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The Class of 1962

This weekend at Commencement, as has been the tradition since 2004, the fifty year class has met to celebrate the golden anniversary of their graduation from Wofford.  They join the campus community for the Baccalaureate service, hold a reunion together afterward, then march in regalia with the seniors and the faculty as they escort the […]

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The Class of 1912

We’re heading into Commencement season, that period from late April through May where we celebrate the achievements of our graduating class and prepare to send them off into the world.  Last week, we celebrated Phi Beta Kappa Day by inducting 35 of our students and recent graduates into the nation’s oldest scholarly honor society.  This […]

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From the ROTC Files

Recently I asked my student assistant, senior history major Kit Candler, to look through the ROTC/Military Science Department files (a collection she had helped process) and locate some images for an online display. So, here’s a link to a Flickr gallery of some photographs and documents from the ROTC Papers. The gallery includes scans of […]

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T-shirts? In the Archives?

Why would an archives have or want a t-shirt collection? We don’t have a museum on campus, and while archives have traditionally been about written records, sometimes we collect other things that help document life on the campus.  I would be neglecting part of my role as institutional historian if I didn’t try to collect […]

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The Class of 1857

We often remember our first graduate, Samuel Dibble of the class of 1856, who was the only student to graduate in that year.  But we don’t talk as much about the second graduate, or for that matter, any of the six graduates of the class of 1857.  Mr. Dibble, as a transfer student from the […]

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Interim in recent years

The 1990s and 2000s saw continued change in Interim.  As the Cold War ended and Wofford’s programs abroad offerings increased, faculty and students began to travel to more places outside of Western Europe and the Caribbean.  In the early 1990s, travels to Russia and Eastern Europe became easier – though students had traveled to Czechoslovakia […]

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Interim in the Late 1980s

Interim continued to mature in the late 1980s, and although traditional classroom projects continued to dominate, internship opportunities increased. In addition to law, medicine, dentistry, ministry, and accounting, the opportunity to undertake internships in a congressional office became available. The bicentennial of the Constitution provided an opportunity for a number of inter-related projects in 1988.  […]

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Remember The Cowpens – 1968

One of the 1968 Interim projects deposited some of its materials in the college archives.  Here are some photos from the “Remember The Cowpens” project from that first Interim. Notice the snow on the ground – let’s just say that when they camped out on the Cowpens battlefield, these students really got to experience what […]

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Henry Z. Nabers

Students asked their professors for letters of recommendation even in the 1890s. Some time back, I got a collection of letters about an alumnus named Henry Z. Nabers, an 1893 Wofford graduate.  Most of the letters were about him rather than by him.  In this case, they were letters from professors and employers attesting to […]

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