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From the Journal: The Changes in College

An anonymous alumnus, possibly a member of the Class of 1884, wrote this in an early issue of the Wofford College Journal, the student literary magazine that began in 1889.  The Journal, which is still published today, also contained campus news in those early years.  These were the reminiscences of that alum about his student […]

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A class trip to Charleston, 1889

This article, from the December 1889 issue of the Wofford College Journal, details some of the exploits of Wofford’s Class of 1890 as they took a senior class trip to Charleston, by rail, a few weeks before Thanksgiving.  Student travel was no doubt as enlightening to them as it is to our students today – […]

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The Class of 1913

Wofford looked a lot different a century ago. This is a composite photo of the Wofford Class of 1913 – one of several class photos in the archives collection.   38 students took degrees from Wofford that year.

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J. Lyles Glenn, Wofford’s second Rhodes Scholar

John Lyles Glenn, Jr was a highly-accomplished student at Wofford, involved in student government, athletics, oratory, and other campus activities.  It’s probably not surprising, then, that the Chester native was Wofford’s second Rhodes Scholar. Glenn came to Wofford in the fall of 1908 at age 16, but even at that young age, he was the […]

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Where are all the Chi Phi brothers?

Would all of the alums who are members of Chi Phi please stand up. Silence. Oh, that’s right, that fraternity hasn’t existed at Wofford for over 100 years.  What happened to it? Chi Phi was the third fraternity to be established at Wofford, after Kappa Alpha and Chi Psi.  These first two got started in 1869, and […]

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Notes from 1900

Occasionally I like to share articles from student publications of long ago.  The Journal, which began publication in 1889, served as a mix of alumni newspaper, campus newspaper, and literary magazine until around 1915.  Here are some excerpts from the October 1900 issue.  It looks like some things stay the same.   Opening:  Dr. Carlisle […]

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DuPre Hall at Fifty

Fifty years is a pretty long life for a college dormitory.  But this fall, the A. Mason DuPre Residence Hall turns 50 In February 1961, the college announced plans to build two new residence halls on the north side of Main Building.  Main was then undergoing renovations itself, and the administration wanted to create a […]

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The 1912 Glee Club Tour

Recently a few copies of the Journal made their way to my desk, and I spotted this story about the Glee Club’s annual concert tour of South Carolina in March-April 1912, a hundred years ago.  Many alumni of the 1950s remember fondly their tours, so it was nice to see that it had a longer […]

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The Class of 1962

This weekend at Commencement, as has been the tradition since 2004, the fifty year class has met to celebrate the golden anniversary of their graduation from Wofford.  They join the campus community for the Baccalaureate service, hold a reunion together afterward, then march in regalia with the seniors and the faculty as they escort the […]

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The Class of 1912

We’re heading into Commencement season, that period from late April through May where we celebrate the achievements of our graduating class and prepare to send them off into the world.  Last week, we celebrated Phi Beta Kappa Day by inducting 35 of our students and recent graduates into the nation’s oldest scholarly honor society.  This […]

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