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For Commencement: A Sweater and a T-shirt

The alumni office brought me a gift recently – not for me, of course, but for the collection. The gift came from the family of Charles G. Furr, who was, as his family noted, a proud 1954 Wofford graduate.  While a student, he was a member of Delta Sigma Phi fraternity, served on the Interfraternity […]

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Kappa Alpha at 150

This February 23, The Delta chapter of Kappa Alpha, at Wofford College, celebrates its 150th birthday. Kappa Alpha traces its origins to Washington and Lee, though like all secret societies, the founders were more concerned with getting their organization going than they were documenting the history they were making.  But, the fraternity was founded there […]

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130 years of student publications

In January 1889, a group of students from the two literary societies got together to launch the Wofford College Journal. The Journal, which continues publishing as a section of the Bohemian, our yearbook, is the oldest of the three student publications, and has for most of those 130 years been the student literary magazine. When […]

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Wofford and the Willie Earle trial

Last spring, Wofford held a conference to commemorate and study the 70th anniversary of what is commonly called South Carolina’s last lynching, the murder of Willie Earle. As part of the event, I was given a copy of this newspaper clipping, which is a photo of a group of Wofford students marching in downtown Spartanburg […]

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Fraternity Houses, the 1897 version

I found this gem in the October 1897 issue of the Wofford College Journal: Four of Wofford’s Greek-letter fraternities are now installed in convenient chapter houses.  The Kappa Sigmas and Kappa Alphas occupy their old quarters in the Cleveland cottages.  The S. A. E.’s have obtained the Archer house for their use and the Chi […]

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Food Riots

Now, I’m not sharing this bit of Wofford’s history to encourage anyone, especially today’s students, to do anything in particular.  In fact, let me say this at the outset: please don’t start a food fight in Burwell or anywhere else if you read this.  Or as they say on TV, don’t try this at home. […]

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The Women Before There Were Women

After a vote by the Board of Trustees in October 1975, the college admitted its first women resident students in the fall of 1976. Sometimes that gets shortened, somewhat inaccurately, to a statement that Wofford only began to admit women students in 1976. While it’s true that those first resident women students experienced Wofford in […]

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Tuition Receipt, 1915

We’ve been cleaning up a little around the archives this week – filing materials that have recently arrived, putting files back where they belong after a researcher used them, and generally trying to bring some order out of chaos.  As always, I see something interesting that I feel like sharing on the blog. Here’s a […]

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A Cartoon from the Journal, 1915

Flipping through The Wofford College Journal from 1915, I came across this cartoon that depicts some of the events surrounding the end of the school year. Though a century ago, it does suggest that some things are timeless in the academy.    

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Fraternity Houses

Those houses have been there, like, forever, right? Forever is a long time, obviously, though on a college campus, 59 years might as well be forever. And that’s how long the current fraternity row has been standing on its current site. In the spring of 1955, then Dean of Students Robert Brent proposed to the […]

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