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Presidents of Brazil?

Archives sometimes wind up with odd items in their collections, and no real explanation of how they wound up there.  I was looking through a file of unclassified photos that’s been in the vicinity of my desk for a while today and examined more closely three portraits of men I didn’t recognize.  Often we have […]

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Spartanburg’s skyline

Asking someone today to describe Spartanburg's skyline can lead to some snarky comments, but this image, taken from the 1961 Bohemian, shows what downtown Spartanburg looked like from Wofford's campus.  The Montgomery Building is still there, though a few others have been lost to time.   Click for a larger image…  

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The Civil War Begins – 150 years ago today

American historians and others today are commemorating the 150th anniversary of the Confederate bombardment of Fort Sumter, the event that began the American Civil War.  Of course, events long before the first shot was fired precipitated the war, but April 12, 1861 was when the fighting actually started.   How did the Civil War affect […]

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Methodist Ministers, the 1932 edition

Today I completed work on a photo gallery with short biographies of Methodist ministers who were serving in South Carolina in 1932.  My student assistants and I have digitized the photos from Builders: Sketches of Methodist Preachers in South Carolina, edited by E. O. Watson in 1932. The photos are available in Flickr – and […]

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Fitting School Scrapbook

This is a scrapbook maintained by Wofford Fitting School student William Hall Lander during his senior year at the fitting school.  Wofford's preparatory school, which closed in 1924, was designed to prepare high school age students for admission to Wofford.  During World War I, the student body of the fitting school and the college became […]

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Faculty, 1960

Here's another group photo from the 1960 Bohemian of some faculty of that era. See if you can identify any of them.  This appears to be in the Wightman Hall dining room or canteen.  Note the cigarettes to go with the coffee!

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Name this member of the Class of 1960

At graduation this year, the class of 1960 will hold its fifty-year reunion. Here are some photos from the 1960 Bohemian – today, I'm putting up a few pictures of faculty members and staff members. See if you know who some of them are. This administrator was already working at the college when he earned […]

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A picture mystery

Here's a photo from the archives' collection of campus aerial photos.   Can you guess the date of the photo?  Click on the photo for a larger image in a pop-up window.   Let me have your guesses – I'll give the answer in a few days. 

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Basketball, 1906

I hope the picture that came to the archives today represents a good omen.   Today, Mr. Perry Dukes, the grandson of T. E. Dukes of the class of 1907, came by the archives with a photograph of the 1905-06 basketball team.  To my knowledge, this is the oldest basketball team photo in the collection. […]

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The Faculty, the late 2000s version

Last week, I posted the oldest faculty photo in the collection.  Today, I'm posting the newest one.  This photo was taken by college photographer extraordinare Mark Olencki '75 before opening convocation on Thursday, Sept. 10.   I haven't been able to determine exactly when our faculty began to wear academic regalia, but I think it […]

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