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From the ROTC Files

Recently I asked my student assistant, senior history major Kit Candler, to look through the ROTC/Military Science Department files (a collection she had helped process) and locate some images for an online display. So, here’s a link to a Flickr gallery of some photographs and documents from the ROTC Papers. The gallery includes scans of […]

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The mysteries of early football

This morning I received a call from an alumnus who wanted to know if I had a photo of the last Wofford football team to defeat South Carolina, which would have occurred sometime around 1900.  He had seen the photo somewhere and wondered if he could get a copy. I didn’t recall seeing the photo, […]

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Remember The Cowpens – 1968

One of the 1968 Interim projects deposited some of its materials in the college archives.  Here are some photos from the “Remember The Cowpens” project from that first Interim. Notice the snow on the ground – let’s just say that when they camped out on the Cowpens battlefield, these students really got to experience what […]

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Doc Rock

One of the dangerous privileges of working at a place like Wofford is getting to write and talk about people I’ve never met.  It’s relatively safe to write about campus characters of several generations ago, since very few people are around who knew them and who can correct my errors.  It is a whole lot […]

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George H. W. Bush visits Wofford, 1980

Spartanburg has often been a stop on the presidential campaign trail, and Wofford has seen candidates drop by over the years.  Former President Gerald R. Ford dropped in to meet classes and hold a press conference in April 1980, as I’ve noted in a previous blog.  Future president George H. W. Bush, who in 1980 […]

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Ben’s Big Day

On this day in 1780, 231 years ago, about 15-20 miles south of the present-day Wofford campus in downtown Spartanburg, a baby boy was born to a woman and her Revolutionary War militia captain husband. The Carolina backcountry was an isolated part of the world in those days, but events from August 1780 to January […]

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Greene Hall – 60 years and counting

So it turns out, I missed an anniversary last year. Greene Hall, the oldest residence hall on the campus, turned 60 in the fall of 2010.  For some reason, I convinced myself that the venerable old dorm opened in 1951, but a check of the Walter Kirkland Greene Residence Hall file proved me wrong. Greene […]

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A 1910 Calendar

We added a number of new items to our digital collections page this summer. One find was a campus calendar from 1910.  Now, the college published calendars fairly regularly in the 1980s and 1990s – often using vintage photos.  This is one of the older campus calendars I’ve come across.   All of the pages […]

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We’re underway…

After a summer full of paper processing, scanning collections, and answering reference questions, with a little vacation thrown in during August, and my annual trip to the Society of American Archivists, we’re pack in the swing of things here at the college. Obviously, the archives blog took a little hiatus during the last 8 or […]

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Mom Helms

A house mother? That term might sound very quaint, or even archaic, to students today. The idea that an older woman, older than your mom, would be living in an apartment in your residence hall, would supervise or be a part of dorm life, seems a little strange. In fact, I’m not sure students today […]

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