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The Class of 1913

Wofford looked a lot different a century ago. This is a composite photo of the Wofford Class of 1913 – one of several class photos in the archives collection.   38 students took degrees from Wofford that year.

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Main Building in the Snow

It didn’t snow in Spartanburg last night, but I understand that a lot of places on the east coast got more than a few flakes. For those of you who got snow, and even for those of us that didn’t, here’s a photo of a snow-covered Main Building from the late 1940s.

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Main Building, 1930

Here’s a picture of Main Building, with the narrow steps and several trees, from 1930. There are more photos like this on the Archives flickr stream.

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Wofford’s landscape in 1963

Here’s what the college looked like fifty years ago this winter, in 1963.     Main Building is, of course, in the top center section, as are the original houses on either side of it.  The “old library” – now the Daniel Building, and the original section of Milliken Science Hall are across from Main. […]

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Campus Postcards

Today, a few campus postcards from the early 20th century made their way across my desk.  These images are of the Cleveland Science Hall, constructed in 1904, of Carlisle Hall, constructed in 1912, and the buildings of the Wofford Fitting School, which were built between 1888 and 1904. It’s always nice to get new (old) […]

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William Wightman and the cornerstone

The laying of the cornerstone of Main Building took place on July 4, 1851, and as part of the ceremony, The Rev. William May Wightman, the chairman of the new college’s board of trustees, gave a somewhat lengthy address.  With thousands present, Wightman, who had been named to the board in Benjamin Wofford’s will, proclaimed, “We […]

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What building is this?

This building was demolished in the 1980s.  Can you identify it?  What was it originally?  Which department used it in its later years?  Where was it on campus?

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Whitefoord Smith: The professor with the odd name

Whitefoord Smith has one of the most unusual first names of any of our early professors, and it lived on for a long time in the name of the college’s first library – the Whitefoord Smith Library. Born in Charleston in 1812, Smith he took his name from the family name of his father’s mother.  […]

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The Wofford Faculty, the 1912 version

The college’s faculty has certainly grown over the years. In 1854, on opening day, only 3 professors were on campus. The next year, that number grew to 5. Even as late as the 1890s, that number was about 8 or 9, and they were teaching about 150 students in most years. But by 1912, that […]

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The Olin Building at 20

Saturday, May 5 marks the 20th anniversary of the dedication of the Franklin W. Olin Building.  The building opened in February 1992, though it was not 100% complete, and so the formal dedication, with fairly elaborate ceremonies, took place near the end of the spring. For those of us who have been around the college […]

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