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Patterson Oral Interview Part 5

This is the final segment of the D. F. Patterson oral interview – it runs about 10 minutes. In it, he talks about some of the college's fund-raising experiences from his time on the board in the 1950s and 1960s as well as his optimism for the college's future.  This tape was recorded in 1980. […]

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D. F. Patterson Alumni Memories Part 4

This is the fourth segment of former board chairman D. F. Patterson's 1980 oral history interview. In this portion, he talks about President Snyder, fraternities, and some trustee issues from his time on the board. Running time is about 6 minutes.

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Alumni memories- D. F. Patterson

This recording is the first eleven minutes of an interview with D. F. Patterson of the class of 1929. Mr. Patterson went on to become chairman of the Wofford Board of Trustees in the 1950s. In this segment, recorded in 1980, he talks with a Wofford student about Spartanburg, memories of the faculty, and the […]

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