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Spartanburg and “blind tigers”

No, this has nothing to do with Clemson fans who can't see well. A blind tiger is an establishment that sells liquor illegally.  In other words, it's a speakeasy, though apparently speakeasies were considered a little more high-class than blind tigers.  The term became popular before and during Prohibition.  Again, some of my best postings […]

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Methodist Ministers, the 1932 edition

Today I completed work on a photo gallery with short biographies of Methodist ministers who were serving in South Carolina in 1932.  My student assistants and I have digitized the photos from Builders: Sketches of Methodist Preachers in South Carolina, edited by E. O. Watson in 1932. The photos are available in Flickr – and […]

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Methodist Churches – on a map!

Today, I finally got around to posting a collection of maps from the Methodist collection.  These are maps of the churches that were in the South Carolina Conference in 1895.  The presiding elders, as we called district superintendents back then, had these map books to help them find each of the local churches in their […]

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Odd Items in Collections

Some time ago, Dr. Melvin Medlock and The Honorable Travis Medlock came to the archives to donate the papers of their father, the Rev. Dr. Melvin K. Medlock.  Rev. Medlock was a leading minister in the Annual Conference during the middle years of the 20th century.  This week, Travis Medlock visited to help me decide […]

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October is the cruelest month

I think T. S. Eliot was off by a few months.   Well, October isn't really cruel, but it sure is busy.  That's why I've been more than a little sloppy in keeping up with the blog.   In the three weeks (oops!) since I last posted, I've traveled to Austin, Texas to represent Wofford's […]

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Methodism in Saluda

Last Sunday, I traveled down to the small town of Saluda, SC to speak as part of St. Paul United Methodist Church's homecoming celebration.  I'm not ordained, so I'm not sure if I can legally call what I did preaching, but my address took the place of the sermon.  I like to refer to these […]

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Leonard Auditorium

For whom was Leonard Auditorium named?   That's a strange question to ask.  After all, Leonard Auditorium is undoubtedly the most important room on the Wofford campus.  It's the site of all campus convocations, the place where the portraits of former presidents hang, the auditorium for major concerts, for events that bring the community together. […]

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Bishop A. Coke Smith

Alexander Coke Smith may not have been the greatest pulpit orator since Paul, but he must have been pretty good, because within two years of his graduation from Wofford, he had been assigned to Washington Street Methodist Church in Columbia

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What’s an Annual Conference?

I haven't written much about the Methodist half of my job lately.  In fact, I have been a little bit remiss in maintaining the blog since Commencement on May 17.  Since graduation, I've been catching up on some reference questions and trying to get ready to process some interesting collections this summer.  I still intend […]

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New Photo Collection

In addition to sharing some of Wofford's history or the history of Methodism in South Carolina on this blog, sometimes I highlight new collections, interesting documents, or old photographs.  Today, I'm hlghlighting a collection of photographs that my student assistants and I have been working on for several months.  Several years ago, I found an […]

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