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Dean Covington

Can anything good come out of Moultrie? If you know anything about Dean Philip Stanhope Sheffield Covington, you don’t have to ask.  Born in Moultrie, Georgia, Philip Covington graduated from Emory University in 1934 and embarked upon the study of law.  He practiced law for three years in Georgia before deciding to pursue teaching and […]

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The Faculty, the late 1860s version

One of the rituals surrounding the start of each academic year is opening convocation.  For a good number of years, this has been a full-dress convocation, with faculty, librarians, and administrators processing in academic regalia.   One of the rituals that we have observed in more years than not is the annual photo on the […]

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Bishop A. Coke Smith

Alexander Coke Smith may not have been the greatest pulpit orator since Paul, but he must have been pretty good, because within two years of his graduation from Wofford, he had been assigned to Washington Street Methodist Church in Columbia

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John G. Clinkscales: The Mathematician-Politician

Say,did you hear the one about the math professor who ran for governor?   That sounds like a joke, but in the case of Dr. John G. Clinkscales, it’s a true story.  In 1914, running on a platform of compulsory public education, Clinkscales won some 40,000 votes and placed fourth in the race.  That may not sound like much […]

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A March Madness tribute?

This cartoon has been sitting on my desk for several months, ever since I wrote a Wofford Today column on Dr. C. C. Norton, Wofford's longtime dean of the college and professor of sociology.  Dr. Norton was best known for his annual presentation of A Christmas Carol, but he was also known as a caricaturist […]

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Financial Hard Times from 1893

It's going to start looking like I get new papers, photographs, documents, and other goodies in the mail every week.  Would that it were true!  This makes two weeks in a row that something arrived on my desk that I immediately thought was worth sharing with a wider audience.   Considering what's going on in […]

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“Knotty” Rembert

I'm not quite sure why they called him "Knotty."   Of all the reasons I've read, the one I like best, the one that sort of goes to the heart of teaching and mentoring, is that Dr. Rembert was always asking questions that were difficult to answer, posing problems that made students think.  Or perhaps […]

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“Amazing” DuPre

Maybe students still have nicknames for professors and administrators.  If they do, then I'm pretty sure the professors and administrators don't want to know what those are.  In years past, faculty collected nicknames, flattering and otherwise, from students, and they seemed to stick through several different generations of students.  Sometimes the nickname had something to […]

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James A. Chiles: Teacher and Scholar

When James A. Chiles came to Wofford in 1914, he joined a faculty of thirteen professors. He became part of a core group of faculty members who, with only a few changes, taught together for a generation. Seven of these thirteen professors, Chiles included, retired together in 1947. Through difficult economic days all of these […]

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John Quitman Hill – from Textile Mill Worker to Rhodes Scholar

Only five Wofford graduates have been named Rhodes Scholars, three in the earliest years of the program and two since World War II.  One of these five, Professor John Quitman Hill, has a particularly interesting biography. A childhood illness prevented him from attending school until he was eleven years old.  Many children would never catch up after such a late […]

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