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Interim 1968

Wofford’s faculty and students have returned to campus today to start the Interim.  This year marks the 45th time that the college has devoted the month of January to these non-traditional projects.  After nearly half a century, Interim is as much a part of Wofford’s culture as Main Building. What was the first Interim like?  […]

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Doc Rock

One of the dangerous privileges of working at a place like Wofford is getting to write and talk about people I’ve never met.  It’s relatively safe to write about campus characters of several generations ago, since very few people are around who knew them and who can correct my errors.  It is a whole lot […]

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Are there ghosts at Wofford?

Reprinted from the November 1, 1991 Old Gold and Black Back in 1991, I was an occasional staff writer for the Old Gold and Black, and my friend and editor Russ Singletary asked me to look into ghost stories at the college.  I didn’t find much, but what I found wound up in this article.  […]

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David Duncan – a Wofford original

David Duncan came a long way to take his chair as Professor of Classical Languages on Wofford’s first faculty. Duncan, the oldest of Wofford’s original professors, was the only one of the first three professors not to be born in South Carolina – or in the United States.  Born in 1791 in County Armagh, Ireland, […]

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Mom Helms

A house mother? That term might sound very quaint, or even archaic, to students today. The idea that an older woman, older than your mom, would be living in an apartment in your residence hall, would supervise or be a part of dorm life, seems a little strange. In fact, I’m not sure students today […]

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The Chronicles of Zerrachaboam

A recent e-mail message led to a new acquisition this week for the archives – a typed copy of The Chronicles of Zerrachaboam, a piece of political satire written in 1954 by the late Professor Lewis P. Jones.   Dr. Jones was a scholar of many things, particularly South Carolina history, and even more particularly […]

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Faculty, 1960

Here's another group photo from the 1960 Bohemian of some faculty of that era. See if you can identify any of them.  This appears to be in the Wightman Hall dining room or canteen.  Note the cigarettes to go with the coffee!

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Name this member of the Class of 1960

At graduation this year, the class of 1960 will hold its fifty-year reunion. Here are some photos from the 1960 Bohemian – today, I'm putting up a few pictures of faculty members and staff members. See if you know who some of them are. This administrator was already working at the college when he earned […]

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The Faculty Club

Many colleges and universities have a faculty club.  Often it’s a building on campus that operates somewhat like a clubhouse, with a dining room for the faculty and their guests, lounges, sitting areas, and other amenities.  Wofford hasn’t ever had a faculty house or club like that, but for a number of years, the faculty […]

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Dr. Charlie – the gentleman-historian

Wofford’s history department has a century-long tradition of teaching and writing about South Carolina history.  The first professional historian to teach history at Wofford, David Duncan Wallace of the class of 1894, went on to earn a PhD in history at Vanderbilt before returing to Wofford in 1899.  He remained as a historian at Wofford […]

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