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Baseball Games from 1902

The Wofford College Journal provided something of a season round-up in this June 1902 story.               Our base ball team went to Knoxville, Tenn. where they played two games with the University of Tennessee on April 25 and 26, respectively.  A local paper at Knoxville remarked that the “Varsity expected to live on Easy Street […]

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The Chronicles of Zerrachaboam

A recent e-mail message led to a new acquisition this week for the archives – a typed copy of The Chronicles of Zerrachaboam, a piece of political satire written in 1954 by the late Professor Lewis P. Jones.   Dr. Jones was a scholar of many things, particularly South Carolina history, and even more particularly […]

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The Archives – an old curiosity shop

There's a lot of serendipity in archives.  You just never know what you might find when you visit or talk to an archivist.  Things that you never expected will appear from the stacks, the vaults, or the file cabinets.   Today, for example, Dr. Anne Rodrick from our history department mentioned on Facebook that today […]

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Wofford’s Mascot

I had a question recently from an alum about the college’s mascot – specifically, could I share some pictures of different mascots through the years.  According to some research undertaken by my predecessor, Herbert Hucks, the first time the college’s teams were called the “Terriers” in print was in a November 1914 article in the […]

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Fraternity Houses – from the “Old Bull Session”

I used to think the Old Black and Blue was a fairly recent innovation, but I've discovered the students enjoyed putting out a spring spoof edition of the Old Gold and Black for some time.  In one of the oral history tapes I posted recently, D. F. Patterson talked about an article in one of […]

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Part 2 of D. F. Patterson’s alumni memories

This segment includes comments on student dress in the 1920s, on desegregation and coeducation, on football, and on the Old Gold and Black.  This is the second portion of an interview prepared by students in Dr. Lewis Jones' 1980 Oral History Interim.    

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Alumni memories- D. F. Patterson

This recording is the first eleven minutes of an interview with D. F. Patterson of the class of 1929. Mr. Patterson went on to become chairman of the Wofford Board of Trustees in the 1950s. In this segment, recorded in 1980, he talks with a Wofford student about Spartanburg, memories of the faculty, and the […]

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Literary Societies

Today has been sort of a clean-up day around my desk.  The papers had piled up – all sorts of items and files from the different aspects of my job.  The credenza beside my desk, which I got so that I'd have more room for processing papers here in my office, had turned into a […]

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Builders and Connections

The blog software I use has been acting funny lately, which is why I haven’t posted much lately. However, serendipity struck today, prompting me to find a workaround to share something from the 1934 Southern Christian Advocate. You see, my student assistant, John Bumgardner, finished scanning a book yesterday – a 1932 pictorial directory of […]

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Methodist Churches – on a map!

Today, I finally got around to posting a collection of maps from the Methodist collection.  These are maps of the churches that were in the South Carolina Conference in 1895.  The presiding elders, as we called district superintendents back then, had these map books to help them find each of the local churches in their […]

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