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Ben’s Big Day

On this day in 1780, 231 years ago, about 15-20 miles south of the present-day Wofford campus in downtown Spartanburg, a baby boy was born to a woman and her Revolutionary War militia captain husband. The Carolina backcountry was an isolated part of the world in those days, but events from August 1780 to January […]

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Early Catalogs

I’ve been trying to digitize some of the college’s early catalogs – the document that lists all of the faculty, students, admission requirements, courses, fees, and rules. Once we had some graduates to tout, the catalogs listed those as well, and later versions listed awards, honorary degrees, and other descriptions of the college. Today’s catalogs […]

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A 1910 Calendar

We added a number of new items to our digital collections page this summer. One find was a campus calendar from 1910.  Now, the college published calendars fairly regularly in the 1980s and 1990s – often using vintage photos.  This is one of the older campus calendars I’ve come across.   All of the pages […]

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We’re underway…

After a summer full of paper processing, scanning collections, and answering reference questions, with a little vacation thrown in during August, and my annual trip to the Society of American Archivists, we’re pack in the swing of things here at the college. Obviously, the archives blog took a little hiatus during the last 8 or […]

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Alumni Notes, 1897

One of the most popular sections in each issue of the Wofford Today is the alumni news and notes.  Various college publications have carried alumni news over the years.  In the 1890s and early 1900s, before a separate alumni magazine or campus newspaper existed, the Wofford College Journal, the literary magazine, carried alumni updates.  Here’s […]

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The Methodist Advocate and Fort Sumter

In searching for an obituary in the 1861 Southern Christian Advocate earlier this week, I decided to see what the state’s Methodist newspaper had to say about the Confederate bombardment of Fort Sumter in April 1861.  April 4, 1861 Fort Sumter stands where it did a week ago and remains the same as to occupancy […]

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ROTC at Wofford

I’m reposting the story I wrote in the Spring 2011 Wofford Today here with some of the images – some of which didn’t make the magazine. By providing students with the opportunity to serve their country, exercise leadership on the campus, and represent the college in the community and elsewhere, ROTC has been a significant […]

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The Civil War Begins – 150 years ago today

American historians and others today are commemorating the 150th anniversary of the Confederate bombardment of Fort Sumter, the event that began the American Civil War.  Of course, events long before the first shot was fired precipitated the war, but April 12, 1861 was when the fighting actually started.   How did the Civil War affect […]

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Spartanburg and “blind tigers”

No, this has nothing to do with Clemson fans who can't see well. A blind tiger is an establishment that sells liquor illegally.  In other words, it's a speakeasy, though apparently speakeasies were considered a little more high-class than blind tigers.  The term became popular before and during Prohibition.  Again, some of my best postings […]

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Spartanburg hosts Lindbergh

Ordinarily I stick to writing about Wofford history, with a little Methodist history thrown in for good measure.  Mostly I leave Spartanburg-area history to my friend and neighbor Brad Steinecke and his Hub City Historian blog.  However, in going through some materials today, I found a copy of the program celebrating the visit of Charles […]

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