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From the ROTC Files

Recently I asked my student assistant, senior history major Kit Candler, to look through the ROTC/Military Science Department files (a collection she had helped process) and locate some images for an online display. So, here’s a link to a Flickr gallery of some photographs and documents from the ROTC Papers. The gallery includes scans of […]

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T-shirts? In the Archives?

Why would an archives have or want a t-shirt collection? We don’t have a museum on campus, and while archives have traditionally been about written records, sometimes we collect other things that help document life on the campus.  I would be neglecting part of my role as institutional historian if I didn’t try to collect […]

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Dickens at 200

I heard on the radio this morning that today is Charles Dickens’ 200th birthday. My thoughts immediately went to the lock of his hair that is in my office safe.  Yes, you read that right.  Strange things often wind up in archives and special collections.  This was the gift of a Wofford alum some years […]

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Interim 1968

Wofford’s faculty and students have returned to campus today to start the Interim.  This year marks the 45th time that the college has devoted the month of January to these non-traditional projects.  After nearly half a century, Interim is as much a part of Wofford’s culture as Main Building. What was the first Interim like?  […]

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Football playoffs

As a tribute to Wofford’s post-season football appearance against the University of Northern Iowa tomorrow, here’s a reminder of a game of nearly 62 years ago – when Wofford went to a bowl game. After an impressive 11-0 regular season and a 23-game streak without a loss (in 1948, the Terriers were 4-0-5), Wofford was […]

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Ben’s Big Day

On this day in 1780, 231 years ago, about 15-20 miles south of the present-day Wofford campus in downtown Spartanburg, a baby boy was born to a woman and her Revolutionary War militia captain husband. The Carolina backcountry was an isolated part of the world in those days, but events from August 1780 to January […]

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Early Catalogs

I’ve been trying to digitize some of the college’s early catalogs – the document that lists all of the faculty, students, admission requirements, courses, fees, and rules. Once we had some graduates to tout, the catalogs listed those as well, and later versions listed awards, honorary degrees, and other descriptions of the college. Today’s catalogs […]

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A 1910 Calendar

We added a number of new items to our digital collections page this summer. One find was a campus calendar from 1910.  Now, the college published calendars fairly regularly in the 1980s and 1990s – often using vintage photos.  This is one of the older campus calendars I’ve come across.   All of the pages […]

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We’re underway…

After a summer full of paper processing, scanning collections, and answering reference questions, with a little vacation thrown in during August, and my annual trip to the Society of American Archivists, we’re pack in the swing of things here at the college. Obviously, the archives blog took a little hiatus during the last 8 or […]

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Alumni Notes, 1897

One of the most popular sections in each issue of the Wofford Today is the alumni news and notes.  Various college publications have carried alumni news over the years.  In the 1890s and early 1900s, before a separate alumni magazine or campus newspaper existed, the Wofford College Journal, the literary magazine, carried alumni updates.  Here’s […]

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