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A class trip to Charleston, 1889

This article, from the December 1889 issue of the Wofford College Journal, details some of the exploits of Wofford’s Class of 1890 as they took a senior class trip to Charleston, by rail, a few weeks before Thanksgiving.  Student travel was no doubt as enlightening to them as it is to our students today – […]

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Joe Lesesne was installed as president 40 years ago today

On this day in 1973, Joab Mauldin Lesesne Jr. was officially installed as Wofford’s 9th president. Presidents often have a formal installation or inauguration several months after they officially take office.  Joe Lesesne became the college’s president on June 30, 1972, but the formal ceremony did not take place until April. Lesesne requested a smaller “installation” […]

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Wofford’s Desegregation Decade

Let me take a moment of personal privilege to talk about an exhibit that the library has mounted in the Chapman Gallery on the Wofford campus this past month.  In February, we put together an exhibit on Wofford’s Desegregation Decade in which we examined the decision to admit African-American students to the college in 1964. […]

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Wofford’s landscape in 1963

Here’s what the college looked like fifty years ago this winter, in 1963.     Main Building is, of course, in the top center section, as are the original houses on either side of it.  The “old library” – now the Daniel Building, and the original section of Milliken Science Hall are across from Main. […]

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Campus Postcards

Today, a few campus postcards from the early 20th century made their way across my desk.  These images are of the Cleveland Science Hall, constructed in 1904, of Carlisle Hall, constructed in 1912, and the buildings of the Wofford Fitting School, which were built between 1888 and 1904. It’s always nice to get new (old) […]

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William Wightman and the cornerstone

The laying of the cornerstone of Main Building took place on July 4, 1851, and as part of the ceremony, The Rev. William May Wightman, the chairman of the new college’s board of trustees, gave a somewhat lengthy address.  With thousands present, Wightman, who had been named to the board in Benjamin Wofford’s will, proclaimed, “We […]

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Notes from 1900

Occasionally I like to share articles from student publications of long ago.  The Journal, which began publication in 1889, served as a mix of alumni newspaper, campus newspaper, and literary magazine until around 1915.  Here are some excerpts from the October 1900 issue.  It looks like some things stay the same.   Opening:  Dr. Carlisle […]

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The Sancho Letter

In the September issue of the South Carolina United Methodist Advocate, I printed some excerpts from a letter written by a slave named Sancho.  The letter is one of the hidden treasures in the archives. It is part of the H. A. C. Walker Papers in the Wofford Archives. It’s a fascinating, painful, and moving […]

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Mary Belle Winn – A Methodist Missionary in China

This month, I began writing a column about South Carolina Methodist history for the SC United Methodist Advocate, our Annual Conference’s newspaper.  The first column appeared this week, so I’m sharing it here on the blog as well.  Several years ago, a collection of some 147 letters arrived at the Conference Archives at Wofford. These […]

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The 1912 Glee Club Tour

Recently a few copies of the Journal made their way to my desk, and I spotted this story about the Glee Club’s annual concert tour of South Carolina in March-April 1912, a hundred years ago.  Many alumni of the 1950s remember fondly their tours, so it was nice to see that it had a longer […]

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