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Bourne on the Societies

I wrote a piece on Prof. W. Raymond Bourne, class of 1923, recently, and since we have a literary society exhibit up right now, and I’m trying to feature some stories about that right now, I’m going to include a piece Professor Bourne wrote about the literary societies in the 1954 Wofford centennial edition of […]

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Remembering Wofford’s World War I fatalities

Today is Armistice Day – the 99th anniversary of the end of World War I. Seventeen Wofford graduates and students, including three graduates of Wofford’s Fitting School, died during the First World War.  The College’s Alumni Bulletin published their photographs and biographies in 1919, and the College remembered their service and sacrifice at a memorial […]

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A Hundred Years Ago in the Advocate

This was my column for the October 2017 edition of the South Carolina United Methodist Advocate South Carolina’s Methodists were well aware of world affairs a hundred years ago this month.  With American entry into World War I, one Advocate columnist predicted that American entry would tip the balance in favour of the Allies.  Another […]

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Gerald D. Sanders: Wofford’s War Poet

One of Wofford’s 1918 graduates, Gerald D. Sanders had written regularly for the Journal while a student. Shortly before his graduation, he found himself on the way to France as a member of the Allied Expeditionary Forces. He wrote several poems while overseas, and they wound up being published in the Journal the next year. […]

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World War One: At Home and Abroad

This fall, the Sandor Teszler Library has an exhibit on World War One at Home and Abroad in the library gallery. Most of the items in the exhibit come from the College’s Special Collections and Archives. The exhibit will be in our gallery until December, so if you are here for a football game or […]

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Spartanburg’s Centennial Pageant

I recently acquired this program, from the 1931 pageant commemorating the centennial of Spartanburg’s incorporation as a village.  My student assistant digitized it recently and I’ve added it to Wofford’s digital repository. The program contains lists of all of the area high schools as of 1931 and the names of each individual from each […]

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A Hundred Years ago, in November 1916

This was my November 2016 column in the SC United Methodist Advocate   I occasionally like to look back and see what South Carolina Methodists were talking about in the pages of the Advocate at points in the past.  A hundred years ago this November, they were preparing for Annual Conference, discussing national politics, and […]

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A Methodist Missionary in Brazil

This letter from the September 10, 1936 issue of the Advocate tells of the work of a South Carolina Methodist missionary in Brazil.  Some of you may know that Brazil and South Carolina have some long connections, and South Carolina’s own Cyrus B. Dawsey served as a Bishop of the Methodist Church in Brazil for […]

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Robert E. Lee and the Calhoun Literary Society

I like to share interesting documents from time to time, and this one came up recently. As many of you know, the college had two literary societies that got their start before the Civil War.  One, the Calhoun, started in 1854; the other, the Preston, in 1858. These societies were debating clubs, meeting weekly, and […]

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The end of World War II, 70 years later

Seventy years ago this month, World War II came to an end. After six years of fighting (more than that if you include wars in China and Spain that many historians consider precursors of the full-blown war) and the loss of at least sixty million lives, the world entered into an uncertain and exhausted peace. […]

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