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Spartanburg’s Centennial Pageant

I recently acquired this program, from the 1931 pageant commemorating the centennial of Spartanburg’s incorporation as a village.  My student assistant digitized it recently and I’ve added it to Wofford’s digital repository. The program contains lists of all of the area high schools as of 1931 and the names of each individual from each […]

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A Hundred Years ago, in November 1916

This was my November 2016 column in the SC United Methodist Advocate   I occasionally like to look back and see what South Carolina Methodists were talking about in the pages of the Advocate at points in the past.  A hundred years ago this November, they were preparing for Annual Conference, discussing national politics, and […]

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A Methodist Missionary in Brazil

This letter from the September 10, 1936 issue of the Advocate tells of the work of a South Carolina Methodist missionary in Brazil.  Some of you may know that Brazil and South Carolina have some long connections, and South Carolina’s own Cyrus B. Dawsey served as a Bishop of the Methodist Church in Brazil for […]

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Robert E. Lee and the Calhoun Literary Society

I like to share interesting documents from time to time, and this one came up recently. As many of you know, the college had two literary societies that got their start before the Civil War.  One, the Calhoun, started in 1854; the other, the Preston, in 1858. These societies were debating clubs, meeting weekly, and […]

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The end of World War II, 70 years later

Seventy years ago this month, World War II came to an end. After six years of fighting (more than that if you include wars in China and Spain that many historians consider precursors of the full-blown war) and the loss of at least sixty million lives, the world entered into an uncertain and exhausted peace. […]

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More digital collections

This summer, I’ve spent a good bit of my time adding materials to our Digital Commons@Wofford College site,, which contains a mixture of faculty and student scholarship, manuscript and archival materials, local history articles, and even several college publications. Over the past few weeks, we’ve added all of the college’s catalogues, which are available […]

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Tuition Receipt, 1915

We’ve been cleaning up a little around the archives this week – filing materials that have recently arrived, putting files back where they belong after a researcher used them, and generally trying to bring some order out of chaos.  As always, I see something interesting that I feel like sharing on the blog. Here’s a […]

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A Cartoon from the Journal, 1915

Flipping through The Wofford College Journal from 1915, I came across this cartoon that depicts some of the events surrounding the end of the school year. Though a century ago, it does suggest that some things are timeless in the academy.    

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Clergy Directories

This was my column in the May 2015 issue of the SC United Methodist Advocate.  We’ve made some new resources available on our institutional repository site. For over 100 years, the Annual Conference has published clergy biographical directories about every ten years. The first volume was called Twentieth Century Sketches of the South Carolina Conference, […]

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From the Archives: A hundred years ago

What were our ancestors in South Carolina Methodism talking about a hundred years ago this fall? Looking through the pages of the Advocate for November 1914 shows that they were talking about football, war, and conference politics. The Advocate was part of the conversation about dividing the Annual Conference into upper and lower conferences – […]

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