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Fraternity Houses

Those houses have been there, like, forever, right? Forever is a long time, obviously, though on a college campus, 59 years might as well be forever. And that’s how long the current fraternity row has been standing on its current site. In the spring of 1955, then Dean of Students Robert Brent proposed to the […]

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Snow closing!

You know, this is only the third time Wofford has cancelled classes ever – and one of those times was for the Civil War? Urban legends on college campuses – you do have to love them. It’s not hard to figure out how they get started – after all, the individual student’s direct memory of […]

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Wofford’s Desegregation Decade

Let me take a moment of personal privilege to talk about an exhibit that the library has mounted in the Chapman Gallery on the Wofford campus this past month.  In February, we put together an exhibit on Wofford’s Desegregation Decade in which we examined the decision to admit African-American students to the college in 1964. […]

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A Spartanburg history podcast

Last Wednesday, Brad Steinecke, my local history colleague at the Spartanburg County Public Library and I sat down to record a podcast about Spartanburg history for a local blog-website called the Spartanburg Spark.  The Spark's publisher, Steve Shanafelt, moderated the discussion and produced the podcast.  I don't do a lot of personal promotion here on […]

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Financial Hard Times from 1893

It's going to start looking like I get new papers, photographs, documents, and other goodies in the mail every week.  Would that it were true!  This makes two weeks in a row that something arrived on my desk that I immediately thought was worth sharing with a wider audience.   Considering what's going on in […]

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