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Libraries, librarians, and coeducation

Last week, with a small delegation from campus, I visited two very good liberal arts college libraries in Minnesota to see how they are collaborating and also to see their facilities, how they operate, and just to gather some information for future use here in our library. And then this week, I got a request […]

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Women at Wofford: The Early Years

In years past, I’ve put up blog posts about the early years of coeducation at Wofford – the time that the college went from being a college for men only (or mostly) to one that had both male and female students enrolled and living on campus. This month, we’ve put a display of some pictures […]

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The Board Votes and the Women Arrive

Decisions often come only after years of thought, experimentation, persuasion, and struggle. Approval by the Board of Trustees of full residential coeducation on October 17, 1975 represented the culmination of several years of work, but it also represented a new beginning for the college and new opportunities for its students. Women had been part of […]

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Coeducation – the Documents

Throughout the early 1970s, the topic of full residential coeducation remained unsettled.  The trustees had decided that they would not consider residential coeducation until 1975.  However, that did not stop faculty members, alumni, and students (especially the women day students) from talking about it. The trustees created a task force in May 1975 to study […]

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Women arrive on campus

Last time, we talked about the move to admit women as day students. Today, we’ll talk about how day student coeducation worked, and begin the move to full residential coeducation. Following the board’s October 1970 decision to admit a small number of women as day students, four women enrolled in February 1971. “Hey, there’s a […]

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Women as Day Students

Last week, I started a series on the history of Wofford’s move from being traditionally all-male to fully coeducational. Though many people assumed the college had always been all male, history tells a different story, a story of fairly constant enrollment of women in small numbers and in special cases. One letter to the Old […]

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Coeducation: Part 1

Last month, I devoted several posts to the story of desegregation at the college. Desegregation was the first in a series of significant changes between 1964 and 1976 that had a lot to do with making Wofford what it is today. The second of these changes was the liberalization of student life and curricular change, […]

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Wofford’s first women students

Neither Benjamin Wofford’s will nor the college charter made any declaration about the college being open only to men. In the late 1890s, the college began an experiment, a short-lived one, as it turned out, in admitting women. In the fall of 1897, two women enrolled, and two more in each of the next two […]

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