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Snyder Hall memories

For much of the 20th century, Wofford students lived in one of three dormitories: Carlisle Hall, Hugh S. Black Hall, and Snyder Hall.  While Black Hall was the oldest, and Carlisle was the first one built specifically as a college dormitory, Snyder played a special role in the lives of college and fitting school students. […]

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Wofford’s White House

I know, it’s sort of a cliche to call the college president’s home the “White House.”  But at Wofford, it’s not an inaccurate description, though it does lack something in specificity.  Several of the houses on the campus, including the president’s house, are white. Many people on campus are surprised when they learn that the […]

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Andrews Field House – a gym for the ages

Andrews Field House is place of many memories, and is another of those buildings on the campus that has found many uses in its nearly 80-year lifespan.  From the 50-year era when it was the Terriers’ varsity gymnasium, there are memories of cold nights, noisy crowds, and Little Four Tournaments, coaches like Joel Robertson ’41 […]

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Photos from the Snyder Papers

Below are a few photographs that I found as we began putting the final touches on the Snyder Papers. We’ve completed the major weeding of some 20 file cabinet drawers of presidential records, and today, we looked through a few smaller boxes of materials, mostly donated in the 1950s by Mrs. Snyder, that were already […]

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Alumni Hall

I’m not sure any building on campus has had as many names as the Hugh S. Black Building. We still have a handful of nineteenth century buildings on the campus – Main Building and the four homes that made up the original campus. But I’m not sure that many people on campus realize that the […]

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Carlisle Hall memories

Opened in 1912, the James H. Carlisle Memorial Hall was the college’s first large residence hall.  Before Carlisle Hall, most students had to find places to live off campus.  Fir the college’s first sixty years, students either lived in the village or they boarded with the professors who lived on campus (Imagine that – living […]

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