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A picture mystery

Here's a photo from the archives' collection of campus aerial photos.   Can you guess the date of the photo?  Click on the photo for a larger image in a pop-up window.   Let me have your guesses – I'll give the answer in a few days. 

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Leonard Auditorium

For whom was Leonard Auditorium named?   That's a strange question to ask.  After all, Leonard Auditorium is undoubtedly the most important room on the Wofford campus.  It's the site of all campus convocations, the place where the portraits of former presidents hang, the auditorium for major concerts, for events that bring the community together. […]

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Cleveland Science Hall

When Henry Nelson Snyder became president of Wofford in 1902, he knew the college’s physical facilities were becoming inadequate.  During the first ten years of his administration, Snyder brought more new buildings to the campus than had been built since the original campus was built.  In addition to a residence hall and a new library, […]

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Aerial Photos of the Wofford Campus

Today I posted a series of aerial photos of the campus to my Flickr page and made them available from the Wofford Archives web page.   Photos do more than simply let you see what a place looked like at a specific time, though that's certainly important.  More than that, they tell a story.  This […]

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Campus Life Building – then and now

Wofford’s Campus Life Building was designed in the late 1970s to serve as the hub of campus athletic, social, and cultural activity, according to an article in the local paper.  At that time, basketball was in Andrews Field House and the Student Affairs Office was in Burwell.  The canteen?  In Wightman.  The Theatre Workshop?  Old […]

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Wightman Hall, the first “modern” residence

The first Wightman Hall was an experiment that Wofford chose not to repeat.  In the mid-1950s, with several of the college's residence halls and the main dining facility approaching a half-century of use. Wofford officials began to plan a new facility for students that would combine dorm rooms and a new kitchen and dining room.  […]

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The answer to the mystery building question

No one tried to name that building.   Last week, I put up a post asking if anyone recognized this building.  Oddly, I didn't get any replies.   Maybe the building was just too far back in the mists of time for anyone to recognize it.   The building was the W. E. Burnett Gymnasium, […]

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Mystery – Name That Building!

Here's a challenge from the archives to all of you out there.  Name this building.   As you can see from the second picture, it doesn't exist on the campus any more, but it stood for many years.     I don't have any prizes other than bragging rights for those of you who can […]

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The many lives of the Daniel Building

The Charles E. Daniel Building, across the street from Main Building and the Sandor Teszler Library, is sort of the quiet neighbor on the street.  Quiet and nondescript though it may seem, it has an interesting past.  In its first life, it was the college’s first free-standing library. The college received a bequest of $10,000 […]

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Fraternity Lodges

An article in the Wofford College Journal in the fall of 1955 describes the new fraternity lodges, which were scheduled to open in the spring of 1956.  Here's the article and some of the drawings, entitled "Horseshoe of Fortune" A much hoped for but little expected dream is at last becoming a reality! Fraternity men […]

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