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Herman Baer: The Man Behind the Benificent Plaque

It’s one of the great traditions of the college: rubbing the “I” in the mis-spelled word “benificent” (it should have been spelled “beneficent”) for good luck before taking a test. The plaque was a gift of Dr. Herman Baer, but who was this mysterious donor, and what relationship did he have to the college? Herman […]

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Gyms of Days Past

The groundbreaking of the new Jerry Richardson Indoor Stadium gives us a chance to recall the construction of two earlier athletics facilities, the Andrews Field House and the current Campus Life Building. The first of those two, Andrews Field House, opened in 1929. It was the gift of Spartanburg businessman Isaac Andrews, and it was […]

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Laying the Cornerstone

When the men named by the Rev. Benjamin Wofford as his trustees gathered on April 16, 1851 for their first meeting at Spartanburg’s Central Methodist Church, they found a growing community excited by the prospect of having a college. Word of Wofford’s tremendous bequest “for the purpose of establishing and endowing a college” had spread […]

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Fraternity Houses

Those houses have been there, like, forever, right? Forever is a long time, obviously, though on a college campus, 59 years might as well be forever. And that’s how long the current fraternity row has been standing on its current site. In the spring of 1955, then Dean of Students Robert Brent proposed to the […]

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What and where was this?

So, what was this building, and where was it located?

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Cokesbury, the Methodist Town

This article appeared in the December issue of the SC United Methodist Advocate. Perhaps you’ve heard of Cokesbury – it’s an especially Methodist name – but I’m not talking about the publishing house.  I’m talking about the village in Greenwood County.  That’s correct; we have our very own Cokesbury right here in South Carolina. I […]

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Libraries, librarians, and coeducation

Last week, with a small delegation from campus, I visited two very good liberal arts college libraries in Minnesota to see how they are collaborating and also to see their facilities, how they operate, and just to gather some information for future use here in our library. And then this week, I got a request […]

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The 125th anniversary of… Hugh S. Black Hall.

The building that now hosts the Admission and Financial Aid offices is celebrating its 125th birthday this year. In 1888, at the annual meeting of the alumni association, the alumni voted to create an “alumni fund” to help supplement the college’s endowment.  They quickly raised $5,000.  However, a few weeks later, they learned that the […]

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The 125th anniversary of…?

2013 marks the 125th anniversary of the construction of one of the buildings on the Wofford campus.  It’s a building that has, not surprisingly, had many uses over the century and a quarter that it’s stood on the campus.  It’s been a residence hall as well as an office building.  Which building, which was built […]

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Shipp Hall at 50

About this time last year, I wrote a post about the 50th anniversary of DuPre Residence Hall.  DuPre and its close relative, Shipp Residence Hall, were both built as part of a campus expansion plan developed in the late 1950s.  This plan included the construction of Milliken Science Hall, the renovation of Main Building, the […]

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