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130 years of student publications

In January 1889, a group of students from the two literary societies got together to launch the Wofford College Journal. The Journal, which continues publishing as a section of the Bohemian, our yearbook, is the oldest of the three student publications, and has for most of those 130 years been the student literary magazine. When […]

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The Campus Club Cookbook

Recently a friend asked me if I had a copy of the Campus Club cookbook.  The archives has a couple of copies, so I asked my student assistant to scan a copy and have added it to our digital repository. What is the Campus Club?  I don’t think it has existed for a number of […]

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Madame Gagarine

Madame Marie Gagarine was one of those characters who frequently inhabits college campuses.  She arrived at Wofford as a cold war Russian emigre and soon became part of the Wofford community. Madame Gagarine was also reportedly the first woman to teach courses at Wofford, as she taught some Russian as well as French courses.  I’ve […]

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I really can’t imagine how David Duncan Wallace wrote all of the things he published. Wallace, who was arguably the foremost South Carolina historian of his day, generally taught a full load of courses, which in his day was five classes.  In the early 1920s, for example, he was teaching two sections of a course […]

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Book signings during Homecoming

For those of you who will be on campus during Homecoming this weekend, I’ll be at Ben Wofford Books tomorrow morning from about 10:45 to 12 to sign copies of my recent book, Wofford College.  This is a pictorial history of the college in Arcadia Publishing’s Campus History series, and it’s the book I was […]

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My excuse this time

This has been a particularly bad summer for blogging.  I got overwhelmed with a variety of projects, and perhaps more importantly, I was having some trouble with the blog software.  Nonetheless, with the semester underway and my workload (somewhat) under control, I'm committed to resuming the old schedule.  I'll try to post twice a week […]

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Builders and Connections

The blog software I use has been acting funny lately, which is why I haven’t posted much lately. However, serendipity struck today, prompting me to find a workaround to share something from the 1934 Southern Christian Advocate. You see, my student assistant, John Bumgardner, finished scanning a book yesterday – a 1932 pictorial directory of […]

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Whatever happened to the archivist?

OK, I'm sorry!   I didn't intend to take a 3-month hiatus from blogging.  With the talks I gave in the fall to two churches, a genealogical society, a historical society, and I'm not sure who else, along with the processing and writing in the early winter, and the book project I was working on […]

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