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Alumni Notes, 1897

One of the most popular sections in each issue of the Wofford Today is the alumni news and notes.  Various college publications have carried alumni news over the years.  In the 1890s and early 1900s, before a separate alumni magazine or campus newspaper existed, the Wofford College Journal, the literary magazine, carried alumni updates.  Here’s […]

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Patterson Oral Interview Part 5

This is the final segment of the D. F. Patterson oral interview – it runs about 10 minutes. In it, he talks about some of the college's fund-raising experiences from his time on the board in the 1950s and 1960s as well as his optimism for the college's future.  This tape was recorded in 1980. […]

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D. F. Patterson Alumni Memories Part 4

This is the fourth segment of former board chairman D. F. Patterson's 1980 oral history interview. In this portion, he talks about President Snyder, fraternities, and some trustee issues from his time on the board. Running time is about 6 minutes.

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Election Day special

In celebration of the political process, here are the names of Wofford's alumni who have served in the United States Congress.   Eight alumni have served in the House of Representatives.  Samuel Dibble, who was Wofford's first graduate in 1856, served five terms in the House, from 1881 to 1891.  He represented the district around […]

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Part 2 of D. F. Patterson’s alumni memories

This segment includes comments on student dress in the 1920s, on desegregation and coeducation, on football, and on the Old Gold and Black.  This is the second portion of an interview prepared by students in Dr. Lewis Jones' 1980 Oral History Interim.    

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Alumni memories- D. F. Patterson

This recording is the first eleven minutes of an interview with D. F. Patterson of the class of 1929. Mr. Patterson went on to become chairman of the Wofford Board of Trustees in the 1950s. In this segment, recorded in 1980, he talks with a Wofford student about Spartanburg, memories of the faculty, and the […]

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Keller Cogswell – the Wofford Man from Charleston

People around Wofford long ago used to wonder just how much Confederate money T. Keller Cogswell had buried in his back yard.   Why, you ask?  Well, Keller's family printed a lot of the Confederacy's money.  Walker, Evans, and Cogswell had existed in Charleston for over a hundred years when Keller became a vice president […]

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Thoughts about the Class of 1960

We had our annual opening convocation earlier today, where the faculty dress in academic regalia and we gather as a community to start the academic year.  Of course, classes started 10 days ago, but ceremonially, at least now we're under way for the 157th time.   And now that things are underway, we'll soon be […]

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Leonard Auditorium

For whom was Leonard Auditorium named?   That's a strange question to ask.  After all, Leonard Auditorium is undoubtedly the most important room on the Wofford campus.  It's the site of all campus convocations, the place where the portraits of former presidents hang, the auditorium for major concerts, for events that bring the community together. […]

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Alumni Judges

I’ve talked a lot in the past year about faculty of years past, of buildings on the campus, and about various student activities and ceremonies.  I haven’t written much about alumni.  Over the next few weeks, I’m going to try to highlight some noteworthy alumni who have distinguished themselves – and the college – in […]

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