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J. Lyles Glenn, Wofford’s second Rhodes Scholar

John Lyles Glenn, Jr was a highly-accomplished student at Wofford, involved in student government, athletics, oratory, and other campus activities.  It’s probably not surprising, then, that the Chester native was Wofford’s second Rhodes Scholar. Glenn came to Wofford in the fall of 1908 at age 16, but even at that young age, he was the […]

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Wofford’s first Rhodes Scholar, John L. Hydrick

For all of my years at Wofford, in recounting some of the noteworthy facts about alumni, I’ve always mentioned that we have had five Rhodes Scholars. Now, with Rachel Woodlee’s election last month, I get to amend that one to six. But what about those first five?  Three of them came very quickly after the […]

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Where are all the Chi Phi brothers?

Would all of the alums who are members of Chi Phi please stand up. Silence. Oh, that’s right, that fraternity hasn’t existed at Wofford for over 100 years.  What happened to it? Chi Phi was the third fraternity to be established at Wofford, after Kappa Alpha and Chi Psi.  These first two got started in 1869, and […]

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“Uncle Gus” Gamewell and his 65 years of service

It’s hard to believe someone could serve on the faculty for 65 years, but we had one professor who did just that. Joseph Augustus Gamewell was born in January 1850, the same year that Benjamin Wofford died.  He was probably pre-destined to enroll at Wofford, as his father and grandfather were both Methodist ministers in […]

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John C. Kilgo – the education bishop

My October column for the South Carolina United Methodist Advocate was about Bishop John C. Kilgo John Carlisle Kilgo has been called South Carolina Methodism’s gift to North Carolina.  His service to the church and to higher education in the two Carolinas makes him one of the most significant figures in the early twentieth century […]

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A Speech to the Student Body, 1893

REMARKS GIVEN BY JAMES MARION BOYD TO NEW STUDENTS AND STUDENT BODY OF WOFFORD COLLEGE, SEPTEMBER 1893 The Rev. J. Marion Boyd was, in the fall of 1893, a member of Wofford’s Board of Trustees and a Methodist minister in South Carolina.  At the time that he gave these remarks in chapel, he was the […]

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The Class of 1962

This weekend at Commencement, as has been the tradition since 2004, the fifty year class has met to celebrate the golden anniversary of their graduation from Wofford.  They join the campus community for the Baccalaureate service, hold a reunion together afterward, then march in regalia with the seniors and the faculty as they escort the […]

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The Class of 1912

We’re heading into Commencement season, that period from late April through May where we celebrate the achievements of our graduating class and prepare to send them off into the world.  Last week, we celebrated Phi Beta Kappa Day by inducting 35 of our students and recent graduates into the nation’s oldest scholarly honor society.  This […]

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I really can’t imagine how David Duncan Wallace wrote all of the things he published. Wallace, who was arguably the foremost South Carolina historian of his day, generally taught a full load of courses, which in his day was five classes.  In the early 1920s, for example, he was teaching two sections of a course […]

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The Class of 1857

We often remember our first graduate, Samuel Dibble of the class of 1856, who was the only student to graduate in that year.  But we don’t talk as much about the second graduate, or for that matter, any of the six graduates of the class of 1857.  Mr. Dibble, as a transfer student from the […]

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