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Slavery and African-American Life in the Upcountry

During February and March, the library's special collections and archives departments have put together an exhibit on slavery and African-American life in the upcountry, which is on display in the library's gallery.  The exhibit runs until March 25.   I would encourage those of you who are around Spartanburg to drop by to see the […]

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Some “firsts”

We’ve spent the past few weeks exploring some of the history behind the college’€™s desegregation, and have talked about the college’€™s first African-American student and graduate.  Several other “firsts” are also worth noting. At first, the college did not make any special effort to recruit black students, though the administration and faculty welcomed those who […]

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Desegregation at Wofford – Part 3

While commendations and condemnations continued to arrive in the daily mail throughout the summer of 1964, the Marsh administration moved forward with plans to admit Wofford’s first African-American student. President Marsh informed the trustees that the college had received inquiries from two seniors at Spartanburg’s Carver High School on the day the Board voted to […]

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Support for Desegregation

Lest I leave you with the belief that the college’s alumni, Methodist friends, and others opposed the college’s decision to desegregate, today I’m sharing a few letters from supporters of the decision. J. Claude Evans, a 1937 Wofford graduate, was serving as chaplain of Southern Methodist University in 1964.  He had taken his seminary degree […]

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Desegregation at Wofford – Part 2

Last Tuesday’s blog post talked about the early administrative and trustee deliberations about desegregation at the college.  Today’s post talks about the final decision to desegregate, the announcement, and the reaction. Throughout the spring of 1964, Wofford trustees considered the desegregation issue.  The special study committee of the Board of Trustees, chaired by the Rev. […]

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Silver Hill – Spartanburg’s oldest African-American Methodist Church

On Saturday morning, February 9, I am giving an address to the South Carolina Annual Conference Historical Society on the history of Methodism in Spartanburg.  The Historical Society is a group of lay and clergy Methodists from throughout South Carolina who share an interest in the history and heritage of United Methodism.  The group meets […]

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Desegregation at Wofford – Part 1

February is Black History Month, and I think it’s appropriate to take a few moments to look at how Wofford arrived at its decision, in 1964, to desegregate the college.  Anyone who is more interested in this subject will find a wealth of materials in President Charles F. Marsh’s papers.  This will be the first […]

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George Washington Carver’s 1923 visit

When I asked the communications office if I could have a blog, it was largely because I come across items from time to time that are too good not to share with the community. When I found these two letters a few weeks ago, buried in a stack of crumbling files from the early 1920s, […]

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