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Methodists and Race in South Carolina

This was my column in the February 2016 issue of the SC United Methodist Advocate Methodists, like any other group with a long history in South Carolina, have had to face questions of race and relations between African-American and white church members throughout our history.  Over the next few years, a number of anniversaries will […]

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South Carolina Methodists and the A. M. E. Church

This was my column in the SC United Methodist Advocate for August 2015. The murder of nine worshipers at Charleston’s Mother Emanuel A.M.E. Church has dominated the news in South Carolina this summer, and we Methodists have shared in sorrow and outrage with our fellow Carolinians. A. M. E. stands for African Methodist Episcopal, which […]

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Selma, fifty years ago

This was my Advocate column for March 2015.   Fifty years ago this month, a group of civil rights protesters met Alabama state and local lawmen on the Edmund Pettus Bridge in Selma, Alabama. The protesters were beginning a march from Selma to Montgomery to protest the lack of voting rights for African-Americans in Alabama […]

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The 1866 Conference

This was my column in the SC United Methodist Advocate for February 2015 150 years ago this month, the Union Army, fresh from its march across Georgia and its capture of Savannah, set out to march across South Carolina. In February 1865, on a cold and very windy night, much of Columbia burned. (I don’t […]

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Fifty Years Ago

History happens on ordinary days. Most of the time, we don’t know when we get up in the morning that something earth-shaking is going to happen during the day.  And that’s certainly how it must have been fifty years ago today, on the day President John F. Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas.  And as I […]

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Wofford’s Desegregation Decade

Let me take a moment of personal privilege to talk about an exhibit that the library has mounted in the Chapman Gallery on the Wofford campus this past month.  In February, we put together an exhibit on Wofford’s Desegregation Decade in which we examined the decision to admit African-American students to the college in 1964. […]

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How the Methodist Church split in the 1840s

This column appears in the February 2013 issue of the SC United Methodist Advocate.  I thought that sharing some information about why the Methodist Church split before the Civil War would be interesting.   For nearly 100 years, the Methodist Episcopal Church was divided into northern and southern wings.  Sixteen years before the southern states […]

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See it while you still can!

This is the final week for the "African-American Experience from Slavery to Freedom" exhibit here in the library.  The exhibit, which has been in the gallery since early February, has brought together documents from special collections, the Littlejohn Collection, the college archives, and the Methodist archives.  We've tried to show some books, papers, letters, and […]

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Slavery and African-American Life in the Upcountry

During February and March, the library's special collections and archives departments have put together an exhibit on slavery and African-American life in the upcountry, which is on display in the library's gallery.  The exhibit runs until March 25.   I would encourage those of you who are around Spartanburg to drop by to see the […]

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Some “firsts”

We’ve spent the past few weeks exploring some of the history behind the college’€™s desegregation, and have talked about the college’€™s first African-American student and graduate.  Several other “firsts” are also worth noting. At first, the college did not make any special effort to recruit black students, though the administration and faculty welcomed those who […]

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