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Little-known facts and factoids

My predecessor, Herbert Hucks Jr., of the class of 1934, served as a librarian and archivist at Wofford from 1947 to 1998, including 20 years as a part-time retired archivist.  He compiled a list of various "little-known facts" about Wofford.  I'll try to drop a few in every now and then, in the midst of […]

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Frogs and Poets

Colleges are full of odd stories that revolve around characters and controversies.  One of the stories that occasionally pops to the surface at Wofford is the long-running saga of Frogs and Poets.  In the fall of 1972, a small dispute arose in a faculty meeting over department budgets and over allocations in the library book budget.  Some of the faculty […]

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A Wofford diploma, in Latin

This being Commencement weekend, I thought today would be a good day to share an older Wofford diploma.  This one was actually never issued, as it isn’t dated or signed by all of the college’s officers.  I found the diploma in President Snyder’s 1930s files.  The archives has other diplomas – some older, some much […]

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Snyder-The American College Commencement

In this radio talk, Dr. Henry Nelson Snyder, who was Wofford’s president from 1902 to 1942, talks with WSPA-AM’s Jane Dalton about the American College Commencement.  This segment is a portion of his longer radio talk from May 28, 1948.  Jane Dalton tells Dr. Snyder that she was invited to give a commencement address at […]

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Commencement Season – a multi-day affair

I found a letter recently, while processing President Henry Nelson Snyder’s papers, in which he declined a speaking invitation because of the pressures of “commencement season.” I thought it was an interesting expression, because today, we think of commencement as being simply the two days of events, or even simply the graduation ceremony itself. However, […]

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Commencement Traditions

Traditions can be curious things. How something becomes a tradition, especially at a place like Wofford, is even more curious. If something happens twice, it’s a tradition, and if it happens a third time, it’s as sacred as if it had been happening since 1854, and woe be unto the person who messes with it. […]

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Commencement at Wofford – 1858

Since we’re getting close to Commencement, this will be the first in a series of posts on Commencement traditions at Wofford.  Over the next few weeks, I’ll have some stories of past commencements, another talk from Dr. Snyder on the American College Commencement, an image and translation of one of the old Latin diplomas (translation […]

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A faculty talk from 1950 – David Duncan Wallace

David Duncan Wallace, who taught history at Wofford from 1899 to 1947, was in his day the foremost historian of South Carolina.  His four-volume History of South Carolina, published in 1935, covers the early history of the state in greater detail than any volume published before or since.  He was also the college historian, writing […]

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