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ROTC and the Old Gold and Black,, 1968-1970

While participation in ROTC remained fairly high in the late 1960s, increasing tensions surrounding the Vietnam War brought criticism in the pages of the student newspaper. Several clippings below demonstrate that controversy. When General William Westmoreland participated in a Spartanburg Veteran’s Day parade – a parade in which Wofford ROTC cadets marched, some students displayed a banner critical of Westmoreland from the balcony of Wightman Hall. President Paul Hardin III ordered it removed.

Although ROTC came in for some criticism, it had its defenders, and the Old Gold and Black published letters in support of ROTC.

General William Westmoreland, the American commander in Vietnam and a Spartanburg County native, participated in the Veteran’s Day parade
From the Old Gold and Black, 1969
An opinion piece, 1969

By Phillip Stone

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