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ROTC in the Great Depression

The stock market crash of 1929 brought further challenges to Wofford students, making ROTC an even more important part of the campus.  Students in the advanced course depended on the stipends and uniforms issued by the Army, and for many of them, that stipend made the difference between staying in college and leaving.  The fall of 1931 saw 241 students in ROTC, and the fall of 1933 saw 282 students taking part in a student body of around 400-500.  The stipend in 1930 was around $109 per year, which all students in the advanced course received.  All students, basic or advanced, received arms, equipment, and outer clothing except for shoes.  College officials in the late 1930s felt that even more students would take the advanced course if the Army would allow more than fifty or so students to enroll. 

By Phillip Stone

I've been the archivist of Wofford College and the South Carolina United Methodist since 1999. I'll be sharing college, Methodist, and local history, documents, photographs, and other interesting stories on this blog, which I've been keeping since December 2007.