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Basketball, 1915

Written By: Phillip Stone - Jan• 23•15

For your Friday afternoon reading and viewing enjoyment, here is a photo of the 1915 Wofford varsity basketball team.



According to the March 1915 issue of the Wofford College Journal, the team had a pretty good run during the winter of 1915.

“Since the February issue of the Journal, the Wofford basketball team has been going at a rapid clip.  The students of Wofford have never before experienced such success in this line of athletics as has been experienced this season.  It was evident at the beginning of the season that the Terrier quintet was in line for the State Championship.”

“Beginning with Erskine, she has defeated the fast Carolina five on two occasions, Clemson twice, P. C. twice, and Newberry once.  No one of these teams has been able to break the winning streak of the Terriers until Newberry came back for revenge of her former defeat on March 2.”  (Apparently we didn’t play Furman that year.)

Things have been looking pretty good for basketball this winter, too, so let’s hope that 1915 and 2015 bot mark great years for basketball here on the city’s northern border.

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